• 5 Tips for Spring Closet Cleaning

  • Making Space for a Home Office in Your Studio Apartment

  • Bedding Myths Debunked: 4 Tips to Get the Best Bedding

Win Free Packing

Let’s get packing! You’ve booked your move and made all the preparations and now all that is left is the dreaded task of packing up a lifetime’s worth of belongings. You might be thinking to yourself, “How did I accumulate so much stuff? or “How on earth is that lamp fitting in a box?” Lucky […]

5 Tips for Spring Closet Cleaning

The sun is finally out and the flowers are in full bloom, and you can’t wait to enjoy the spring. But before you begin frolicking and making big plans, you should check ‘spring cleaning’ off your to-do list. Fear not, it’s not as dreadful as you think. The best tactic you can use to approach […]

Making Space for a Home Office in Your Studio Apartment

Featured image source: Volkan Olmez Creating the perfect home office – a space that is both functional and inspiring – can be a challenge, even more so when you need to carve that intimate, productive space out of a studio apartment. But just because your apartment has limited square footage doesn’t mean you can’t have the […]

Bedding Myths Debunked: 4 Tips to Get the Best Bedding

Buying bedding can sometimes be a frustrating and misleading experience, from which brand uses the best cotton to what thread count is worth the splurge. You spend a third of your life in bed, though, so your sleep experience matters! If you’re in need of some answers – or overdue for a bedding upgrade – […]

How to Hide or Disguise Your Wireless Router

There’s no hiding the fact that technology is a huge part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to fill our living rooms with ugly black boxes and all the wires that come out of them. The audio visual industry has coined the phrase “techorating” to describe the process of incorporating technology into […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

The birds are chirping, buds are starting to pop up on tree branches, the sun is out, and you’ve already enjoyed a warm breeze or two: Spring is here. Most renters welcome in the new season by undergoing a top-to-bottom spring cleaning event in their apartment, and after a long winter, we can’t say that […]

How to Smart Home-ify Your Rental

Leeo is a connected home company that builds products to help people feel more confident and comfortable in the places they live. To help our readers learn about which smart home gadgets are right for rentals, we asked our friends at Leeo for their expert advice. Here’s what they had to say: Even if you […]

Don’t Sink the 8-Ball: How to Move a Pool Table the Right Way

Learning how to move a pool table is the first step if you want to DIY the job. It will require a near-complete disassembly of the table and a healthy amount of muscle power to move the pieces that do not come apart. While you may want to take on the huge task of moving […]

Advice from Moving Experts: How to Move a Piano

So, you want to know how to move a piano yourself. Maybe you want to save some cash, you need to impress that girl down the hall in Apartment 4F or you want to prove something to your middle-school gym teacher that called you scrawny all throughout seventh grade. Those are all good reasons (sort […]

Enter to Win Paintzen’s Chelsea Neighborhood Giveaway!

As New Yorkers, we tend to walk around the city with the intention of getting to our destination quickly, and with no distractions. Paintzen is here to help! This week kicks off their Neighborhood Giveaway series and their first stop is Chelsea! They have partnered with local businesses to help you to find new places to visit […]

The Ultimate Guide: How Much to Tip Movers

How much to tip movers might be the last problem to deal with after a day of stress-inducing and crazy-making situations. You do not want to do is go into your moving day with no idea what the protocol is for tipping movers. The end of the day could go something like this: The movers […]