• How to Label Boxes for a Move

  • Tips for Moving to a Higher Altitude

  • Shipping Your Car for Cross County Moving

Instrumental to Upcycle

FlatRate gives you more out of your move and we try to make your move mean more. We partnered with the Salvation Army and created the UPCYCLE program initiative.  With every move we do we provide 2 UPCYCLE boxes to be filled with donatable goods and transported to the Salvation Army at no additional cost […]

How to Label Boxes for a Move

Dealing with mountains of unmarked boxes in your new home is no fun. This is especially true in a smaller house or apartment where there isn’t much room to unpack and move furniture around. Even if you are someone who is always up for adventure, not being able to find the coffee maker or your […]

Tips for Moving to a Higher Altitude

Whether you have dreamt about living in a mountain chalet your entire life or if you just got a promotion to a location with a higher altitude there are a few extra things to be mindful of when moving to a higher altitude. Hire Movers You can’t understand how thin air will affect you until […]

FlatRate Moving Opens Seventh US Branch in Denver!

With phenomenal views everywhere you look, it is easy to understand why an increasing number of people are moving to the Mile High City. It should also come as no surprise that FlatRate Moving has opened our latest branch in Denver. This is our seventh in the country, with locations spanning from sunny Los Angeles, […]

Shipping Your Car for Cross County Moving

Most people relocating a great distance hire cross country movers and then drive their car. Sometimes, this is not a practical option. For example, if you have too many family members to fit in the car at one time or you are a single parent traveling with a baby or toddler. Maybe you simply are […]

Apps to Help You Move

Cross country moving can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. However, this does not mean it is going to be completely stress-free. Even if you hire cross country movers, you still have a ton of other tasks to take care of. Just being on the road and knowing that your belongings […]

A HelloFresh Start: Out with the Old, In with the New

It’s a reality that most of us have cabinets full of spices, dried herbs, oils and sauces that we rarely use, and, quite frankly, might even be way past their expiration. America’s leading meal kit delivery service, HelloFresh, knows this and prides itself on providing meal boxes that minimize waste through exact portioning and precise […]

Music to Move to

We, of all people, know that packing, moving, and unpacking are strenuous, tedious, stressful and sometimes emotional tasks that can take a lot out of you. We also know that listening to music can help reduce stress, anxiety, and even alter your mood. So we paired the two and created a playlist filled with music to […]

5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Although interstate moving can be exciting, it is also common to feel pretty nervous about being in a new area. This is especially true if you are making the move alone or as a single parent. If you do not know anyone where you are going you can’t help but feel scared that there will […]

Move Across the Pond to London or Stay Put in NYC

When you have two great cities like London and NYC, it’s hard to ever really pick one over the other. How can you pick between centuries of culture and a place of brilliant innovation, a city where old and new coexist and one where people are always looking for the next big thing? Well, we […]