• How Stressful Is Moving? Manage Stress with These Tips

  • How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

  • Not a Scratch: How to Protect Hardwood Floors When Moving

The Ultimate Guide: How Much to Tip Movers

How much to tip movers might be the last problem to deal with after a day of stress-inducing and crazy-making situations. You do not want to do is go into your moving day with no idea what the protocol is for tipping movers. The end of the day could go something like this: The movers […]

Win Free Packing

Let’s get packing! You’ve booked your move and made all the preparations and now all that is left is the dreaded task of packing up a lifetime’s worth of belongings. You might be thinking to yourself, “How did I accumulate so much stuff? or “How on earth is that lamp fitting in a box?” Lucky […]

How Stressful Is Moving? Manage Stress with These Tips

There’s so much to do when moving. Our experts have been through it all and have compiled a list of ways to help manage moving stress. How stressful is moving? Ask any of your family and friends and you will get the same answer: SUPER STRESSFUL. From overstuffed basements and attics to go through to […]

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

There are few things more disappointing than learning that your landlord is not going to give you a full security deposit return. This is especially unsettling, if you were counting on that money to cover the cost of your move or to use as a security deposit elsewhere. If you want to know how to […]

Not a Scratch: How to Protect Hardwood Floors When Moving

Wouldn’t it be nice if hardwood floors were as durable as they look? Sadly, they do not stand up nicely to dragged appliances, dropped heavy objects, and marking shoes. You don’t want any damage done to your gorgeous floors in your new home, and you also do not want any unfortunate flooring disasters to take […]

Comprehensive Packing Tips and Checklist for Moving

Download our moving checklist to get started on your move! We’ve compiled 20 years of packing and moving experience into one amazing list of packing tips for your next move. Packing tips are essential to a stress-free and fun experience when you move. Yes, fun. If you stay organized with a packing checklist, you can […]

Paring Down: What You Need to Get Rid of When Moving

All the excitement you have for your move likely took a giant nosedive as soon as you started thinking about packing. Trying to decide what to get rid of when moving is never easy, especially if you have lived in your current home for a while or never purged before your last move. It can […]

Expert Moving Tips: How to Pack Wine Glasses and Bottles

Whether you have an extensive wine collection that you are quite proud of or simply a couple of glasses from your wedding that really mean a lot, you are probably wondering how to pack wine glasses for moving. No one has to tell you how fragile these glasses are, so you already know that you […]

Get Expert Tips on How to Get Rid of Old Furniture

Calling your trash removal company and requesting a bulk pick up for your furniture is the last thing you want to do. Or rolling the dice on the public sanitation folks actually hauling your bulky stuff away.  First, you may have to pay a fee. Seriously? Who wants to pay to get rid of something […]

What Every 20-Something Needs to Know Before Moving to Chicago

Oh, Chicago. The city is a perpetual third wheel in the New York-LA media pipeline. What could this town have to offer an upwardly mobile 20-something like you? Well, as it turns out, Chicago has plenty to offer you. If you’re moving here, it’s time to throw out your preconceptions about the Windy City and […]

Expert Moving Hacks: The Best Tips Assembled in One Place

We tend to do things the same way, but a huge part of moving is about starting over. Maybe you always had to lean over your stove to get to the plates stacked up there (and almost burned off some important bits in the process) or maybe every time you opened your closet, the Swiffer […]

Hunting for an Apartment With a Roommate

Apartment hunting can be a stressful encounter for some renters, as there’s a lot to consider. That’s why tackling this task is usually made easier with help from your roommate. However, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind if you are pairing up with your future roomie to go apartment hunting. […]