• How to Prepare Your House for Renters

  • Moving Tips — Saving Money While You’re Moving

  • How to Pack Up Your Bathroom

The Ultimate Guide: How Much to Tip Movers

How much to tip movers might be the last problem to deal with after a day of stress-inducing and crazy-making situations. You do not want to do is go into your moving day with no idea what the protocol is for tipping movers. The end of the day could go something like this: The movers […]

Comprehensive Packing Tips and Checklist for Moving

Download our moving checklist to get started on your move! We’ve compiled 20 years of packing and moving experience into one amazing list of packing tips for your next move. Packing tips are essential to a stress-free and fun experience when you move. Yes, fun. If you stay organized with a packing checklist, you can […]

How to Prepare Your House for Renters

Maybe you bought a second home for rental income or vacation purposes; or haven’t sold your home but the moving company brought your belongings to the next; or you’re traveling overseas for an extended period of time.  Whatever the case may be, you own a vacant home that must be rented out.  If you’ve never […]

Moving Tips — Saving Money While You’re Moving

Extra money can be hard to find when you’re moving.  Sometimes, you feel like all you’re doing is exercising your credit card and opening up your wallet for various expenses.  Watching money disappear could leave you feeling depressed and overwhelmed.   Before you start spending money on moving services and other expenses start saving and get […]

How to Pack Up Your Bathroom

For most people, bathrooms are heavily trafficked areas, so their frequent usage may deter you from packing them up when moving until the last possible moment.  Even though they’re generally in high demand, you should start packing them up in advance.  Not only will it make it easier to clean, it will lessen your stress […]

How to Pack Up Your Kitchen

Packing up your kitchen before your upcoming move is no small feat even for the most seasoned mover.  Since kitchens contain a wide variety of items from necessities to sundries, it’s best to start packing up early.  Many items require special attention yet some you can afford to pack up in the beginning without too […]

How to Move When You’re Pregnant

Upheavals are to be expected when you’re expecting.  After all, you’re bringing a new life into the world that will inevitably change your own.  Many couples upon discovery of this new being choose to upgrade their living situation by moving to a bigger home.  That decision comes with more stress, but moving while pregnant doesn’t […]

Games People Play While Long Distance Moving

When you decided to drive and create a cross-country road trip around your long distance move, you didn’t realize you may get bored.  Listening to the radio, watching the same DVDs on an endless loop and observing your family ignoring each other by focusing on their phones and other electronic devices gets old and doesn’t […]

Why Buying New Moving Boxes is Best

The temptation to find used moving boxes for your upcoming move is unbelievably great.  They’re free, readily available if you charm the grocer the right way, and your parents always reused boxes.  Plus they could be adorned with cool logos displaying your favorite beverage or pretty images of tropical fruit.  What’s not to like? However, […]

Common Delays for Moving Companies and How to Prevent Them

Although your moving company should guarantee that your furniture and household items arrive without delays, circumstances beyond their control can happen.  Even with the most reliable moving company and confirming each moving detail with them, some delays just cannot be prevented.  Not all delays are their fault, either, but you still must know the most […]

Moving Tips – Common Moving Injuries and How to Prevent Them

An unlikely entry for most dangerous job is being a mover.  Movers risk life and limb when transporting your furniture and household items.  If you plan to help move your belongings to your next home, you could succumb to injury if you’re not careful.  In order to protect you from unnecessarily hurting yourself, let’s uncover […]

Moving Tips – Why You Should Find a Housemate

For decades, you’ve been living at your beloved house with your family.  However, kids grow up and leave home to build their own lives, visiting on holidays and occasional weekends.  Suddenly, the house feels empty and enormous, but you’re not ready to call the moving company.  Amid ever increasing bills, staying in your home may […]