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5 Tips for Moving with a Child Under 5

Moving is an emotional and often overwhelming experience for many of any age, but can be especially tumultuous for when moving with a child – particularly young children who are just starting to form lasting memories in their environment and bonds with the surroundings and individuals they interact with. The transition from a safe place […]

Signs You and Your Partner Are Ready to Move in Together

Are you at a place in your relationship where you think you should move in together, but you aren’t quite sure if you are ready? Many people focus so much on looking for reasons why it may not be a good idea that they miss the obvious signs that it will likely be a positive […]

8 Ways to Create a More Artful Space

1. Don’t be a pack rat. Moving is an opportunity to start fresh, and is the perfect time to throw out those old posters and prints from college. Make a new statement with a few pieces of affordable original art decor. Collecting original art also means you’re directly supporting living artists. Do good while making […]

Tips for Organizing a Small Closet

You have found a home near the place you have been offered a lucrative career position. The more you think about moving the more excited you get. You have even done the right thing and scheduled your cross country movers far in advance. There is only one problem. That dream home with the beautiful sunroom […]

Safety Tips for Female Renters

Decades ago, single female renters were not nearly as common as they are today. Times sure have changed. Women are more independent than ever before. They are now considered equally as qualified for jobs they never would have been hired for 40 years ago. This all contributes to the boom in female renters in both […]

10 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

If you take the time to shop around for the best deal on truck rentals or find a moving company with a fair rate then you may have some money left over in your moving budget to play with. Of course, you will probably want to spend it on things to improve or decorate your […]

6 Tips to Discovering Your Perfect Neighborhood

Finding an apartment is much more than picking out the best home. When hunting for a new place to live, you must go beyond the apartment’s walls to explore the neighborhood and determine if it truly fits your interests and lifestyle. The following six tips will help you decide if an area is right for […]

Checklist for Moving an Elderly Parent

There are a few reasons why you may be in the position where you are moving an elderly parent. Perhaps they are going into an assisted living home or downsizing into an apartment because that old house is just too much upkeep now. Maybe they live out of town, but due to their health you […]

5 Things to Do Before Moving Abroad

For many, moving abroad is a dream thought of for many years before it finally gets fulfilled. For others, it is a spur of the moment decision made because of a breakup, lucrative job opportunity, or just the yearning for a new adventure. Long distance moving will be either a rewarding or disastrous experience that […]

Need to Put Up a Fence? Explore Your Options

Whether you have a nosey neighbor or you plan on adopting a dog, there are a ton of reasons why you may need to put up a fence. You don’t even need to have a reason at all. Maybe you just like the way fencing looks! Whatever the case is, you have a lot of […]