• Should You Get a Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home

  • Best Bookstores Near Our FlatRate Branches

  • 5 Unexpected Moving Expenses You Need to Know About

The Ultimate Guide: How Much to Tip Movers

How much to tip movers might be the last problem to deal with after a day of stress-inducing and crazy-making situations. You do not want to do is go into your moving day with no idea what the protocol is for tipping movers. The end of the day could go something like this: The movers […]

Comprehensive Packing Tips and Checklist for Moving

Download our moving checklist to get started on your move! We’ve compiled 20 years of packing and moving experience into one amazing list of packing tips for your next move. Packing tips are essential to a stress-free and fun experience when you move. Yes, fun. If you stay organized with a packing checklist, you can […]

Should You Get a Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home

Seasoned homeowners realize they will endure a home inspection on the property they’re selling.  No matter how many upgrades you’ve made and how well they were done, though, a home inspection may bring up hidden home horrors — horrors that may require costly repairs or sabotage the sale.  Biting your nails and panicking won’t help.  […]

Best Bookstores Near Our FlatRate Branches

Although many readers hold their E-readers close to their hearts, it’s not the only chosen way with words most readers enjoy.  There’s still something about the slick feel of a colorful book in hand and sharp smell of fresh paper just waiting to be unveiled and a story to be discovered.  Between moving from one […]

Myths about the Cities Near Our East Coast FlatRate Branches

Every city you visit but aren’t fully acquainted with comes with its own myths.  Until you actually live and work in a place, you cannot verify every myth as gospel.  Remember how your parents told you not to believe everything you hear? Well, the same goes for what you hear about the following cities near […]

5 Unexpected Moving Expenses You Need to Know About

Buying or renting a place is an expensive proposition no matter how you go about it or how much money you spend.  When you start looking at places where you potentially could live, your mind is not focused on anything associated with moving expenses.  At this stage, you’re simply trying to find the best place […]

Important Tools and Cleaning Supplies You Need to Move

With so much to pack and purchase before you move into a new home, you may forget the most important everyday items like cleaning products and basic tools.  If you’re moving into your first place and/or out of your dorm room or childhood home, there’s a good chance that you take for granted the supplies […]

How to Break Your Apartment Lease

Life changes at lightning speed.  One decision that seems ideal at one time can easily shift to a mistake that you must rectify or a choice that no longer works with your lifestyle.  Change brings decisions you must make without the same considerations with which you originally started.  For example, you moved into an apartment […]

Hiring a Company to Power Wash Your Home

Tips for Selling your Home Throughout the fall and winter months, your home tends to attract mildew and dust, causing your house’s siding to appear ugly and filthy.  If you’re ready to sell your house, this is not the look to stick with when potential buyers come calling.  Trends ebb and flow with the years, […]

How to Find a Great Roommate

Finding a Great Roommate Finding your first apartment can be exciting and liberating, the crowning achievement post-graduation.  Unfortunately, a fabulous place comes at a fabulous price.  These days with mounting college debt and so-so starting salaries, many college graduates and career beginners cannot afford to live solo.  Maybe you could return to your childhood home […]

Places to Take Selfies Near Our East Coast Locations

New York City Brooklyn Bridge Countless movies have featured this bridge.  You’ll cement your memories with the selfie you take, walking across one of the oldest bridges of its kind in New York. Times Square Best taken at night, venture to Times Square where the lights are brighter and the colors richer for a dramatic selfie right […]

Moving to a New Place After Losing Your Spouse

If you recently became a widow/widower due to your spouse enduring a long-term illness or unexpectedly dying, important decisions must be made.  When moving from your current home, circumstances may appear quite different than they did when you originally moved in.  Your finances, your lifestyle, your wants and needs – everything changes.  How will you […]