• Selling Used Furniture in NYC

  • Changing the World by Delivering Books to Children

  • Use Your Phone to Organize Your Next Move

Partnering With New York Cares – 26th Annual Coat Drive

This winter, FlatRate Moving will be partnering with New York Cares for their 26th Annual Coat Drive.  Since its inception, New York Cares has successfully collected and distributed 1.6 Million coats to New Yorkers in need during the cold winter months and FlatRate Moving is honored to be part of this year’s coat drive to […]

Warm Moving Day Sweepstakes

During the cold winter months, it’s hard to find the motivation to leave the house for work, let alone pack up all your belongings and move into a new place. Moving at any point in the year can be stressful, but doing it with arctic temperatures outside can make it an even more daunting task. […]

Selling Used Furniture in NYC

Thinking of selling your furniture? Maybe you landed your dream job clear across the country; or you finally decided that the sofa you purchased is completely not your taste. Whatever your predicament, you have a room or NYC apartment full of furniture you need to sell and do not know where to begin. It can […]

Changing the World by Delivering Books to Children

FlatRate Moving partners with Kids Change the World to deliver books to children’s hospitals.  On December 17, 2014 FlatRate Moving assisted Kids Change the World, a global youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to leveraging the power of youth to change the lives of children around the world, with delivering children’s books to local children’s hospitals throughout […]

Use Your Phone to Organize Your Next Move

Moving can be quite a hair-raising activity that can turn your world upside down if you don’t plan it out well. Where moving is concerned, organization is everything. And did you know that you can use your trusty old (figuratively speaking) phone to help you even out all the kinks in organizing your next move? […]

Pairing Red, Silver, and White for the Holidays

Red and green. They’re obviously the traditional colors for Christmas and the holiday season. But when it comes to your home, do you really want it to look like Santa and a Christmas tree procreated all over the place? We didn’t think so. We’ve seen different winter color palettes but what stands out most is […]

Handy Tips After Moving In

So you’ve finally moved in! What next? Here at FlatRate we know all about how to make a move as stress-free as possible, but what about getting your home-life organized once all the boxes are finally unpacked?! Our friends over at Handy shared with us 5 things to do once you’ve moved into your new home… […]

What to Do Before a Move

Unless you were just given the promotion of a lifetime, and you have to pack up and move immediately, there is a good chance that you have a fair amount of time to prepare. Moving demands a lot of preparation. There are a lot of small details to tend to before a move that work […]

9 Holiday Safety Tips for Your New Home

Your one goal was probably to get the move done early enough to be settled before the holidays. Whether you are looking forward to just spending time with family or if you plan on hosting a couple holiday parties it is important to take necessary steps to stay safe. Unfortunately, this time of year often […]

Home and Life Hacks to Make Moving Easier

Apartment and house-hunting are inevitably stressful but contrary to popular belief making moving easier is not an oxymoron. When our customers move with us, we do everything we can to allow them to have #ThePerfectMove- this includes offering packing and unpacking services among other things. We also know that some of our customers are do […]

Organizing Your Home After a Move

The daunting tasks of packing and moving are over, but your move is not finished just yet. You still have to unpack and organize each room in your new place. If you directed your movers to places boxes in their designated rooms and areas, your job is almost sort of complete. You’ve probably already unpacked […]