• 5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

  • How to Make a Quick Move as Stress-free as Possible

  • How to Find a Kid-Friendly Neighborhood

5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Although interstate moving can be exciting, it is also common to feel pretty nervous about being in a new area. This is especially true if you are making the move alone or as a single parent. If you do not know anyone where you are going you can’t help but feel scared that there will […]

Move Across the Pond to London or Stay Put in NYC

When you have two great cities like London and NYC, it’s hard to ever really pick one over the other. How can you pick between centuries of culture and a place of brilliant innovation, a city where old and new coexist and one where people are always looking for the next big thing? Well, we […]

Instrumental to Upcycle

FlatRate gives you more out of your move and we try to make your move mean more. We partnered with the Salvation Army and created the UPCYCLE program initiative.  With every move we do we provide 2 UPCYCLE boxes to be filled with donatable goods and transported to the Salvation Army at no additional cost […]

How to Make a Quick Move as Stress-free as Possible

Whether you got a great new job that requires immediate relocation or you have a family emergency that requires moving closer to your childhood home, moving out in a hurry can become stressful. Although a quick move is often riddled with anxiety and endless stress, there are ways to efficiently take care of everything you […]

How to Find a Kid-Friendly Neighborhood

One of the highest priorities for any family looking to relocate is finding a kid-friendly neighborhood. Moving with children means you have more to consider than just affordable rent. Keep these tips in mind as you start your apartment search and you’ll be able to find the perfect area for your entire family to call […]

Choosing A Paint Color After A Move

After trucking through all the other tasks associated with moving into your new home, sitting down to choose paint colors can seem like an exhausting and endless task. Visiting paint stores and flipping through magazines is time-consuming and stressful; finding that perfect shade can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there are a few pro […]

6 Things to Do Two Months Before You Move

The second you know interstate moving is in your near future you should start preparing. It is easy to say, “I have three months, I’ll do that later!” but soon it will be two months, then you will be down to 30 days, wondering where the time went. These moves require a lot of preparation […]

Apartment Hunting With Your Significant Other

One of the most exciting steps in any relationship is deciding to move in with your significant other, but it also comes with some stress. There are logistics to sort through and personalities may clash; there may be fights along the way. Once you do find a home, it should fit both of your lifestyles […]

Tips for Renting with Pets

If you have been looking for an apartment or house to rent, but are struggling to find a place that welcomes your pet, you are probably feeling pretty discouraged. This is especially true if you have been turned down by multiple places or you are in a time crunch, and need to find a place […]

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Bigger

Once you’ve moved to New York City with some help from FlatRate Moving, you have to figure out how to survive here. That means learning how to navigate the subway, figuring out the best halal cart, and, most importantly, finding ways to make your tiny apartment feel just a little less miniature. We can’t help […]