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Apartment Hunting With Your Significant Other

One of the most exciting steps in any relationship is deciding to move in with your significant other, but it also comes with some stress. There are logistics to sort through and personalities may clash; there may be fights along the way. Once you do find a home, it should fit both of your lifestyles […]

Tips for Renting with Pets

If you have been looking for an apartment or house to rent, but are struggling to find a place that welcomes your pet, you are probably feeling pretty discouraged. This is especially true if you have been turned down by multiple places or you are in a time crunch, and need to find a place […]

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Bigger

Once you’ve moved to New York City with some help from FlatRate Moving, you have to figure out how to survive here. That means learning how to navigate the subway, figuring out the best halal cart, and, most importantly, finding ways to make your tiny apartment feel just a little less miniature. We can’t help […]

Moving? Get a Break from Uncle Sam

If the thought of hiring a national moving company has you on edge because of all your other move-related expenses it may make you feel better to learn that Uncle Sam might be willing to help you a little. Despite the fact that you probably swear under your breath at him when you get your […]

Tips for Getting that Perfect Apartment

You have been searching for what seems like forever for the perfect apartment. You have your list of needs and wants, and you have researched a few areas you are focusing on. Maybe you have the money ready to cover moving costs, and you might even have a pile of boxes just waiting to be […]

Moving More Than Boxes

When it comes to moving the things that can fit in boxes or into the back of a truck, we know FlatRate has got you covered but there are also a ton of other “life things” to take care of whether you’re moving two blocks or to a different state. From finding a cleaning service […]

5 Tips for Moving with a Child Under 5

Moving is an emotional and often overwhelming experience for many of any age, but can be especially tumultuous for when moving with a child – particularly young children who are just starting to form lasting memories in their environment and bonds with the surroundings and individuals they interact with. The transition from a safe place […]

Signs You and Your Partner Are Ready to Move in Together

Are you at a place in your relationship where you think you should move in together, but you aren’t quite sure if you are ready? Many people focus so much on looking for reasons why it may not be a good idea that they miss the obvious signs that it will likely be a positive […]

8 Ways to Create a More Artful Space

1. Don’t be a pack rat. Moving is an opportunity to start fresh, and is the perfect time to throw out those old posters and prints from college. Make a new statement with a few pieces of affordable original art decor. Collecting original art also means you’re directly supporting living artists. Do good while making […]