• Renting an Apartment Without Seeing It First

  • Tips for Cross Country Moving While Pregnant

  • What to Do After A Move

Instrumental to Upcycle

FlatRate gives you more out of your move and we try to make your move mean more. We partnered with the Salvation Army and created the UPCYCLE program initiative.  With every move we do we provide 2 UPCYCLE boxes to be filled with donatable goods and transported to the Salvation Army at no additional cost […]

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding a last minute Halloween costume can prove difficult. But why buy a costume when you can make one? All you need is a box and some arts and craft supplies! Grab one of those moving boxes you were going to recycle, and upcycle it. This last minute Instagram costume will have your friends double-tapping […]

Renting an Apartment Without Seeing It First

One of our biggest pieces of advice for people who are looking for a new place to live is to always, always, always make sure to visit the place in person before making a decision. Signing a lease without checking out an apartment is asking for trouble! You could be stuck in a miserable one […]

Tips for Cross Country Moving While Pregnant

Being pregnant is exhausting. Cross country moving is both exhausting and stressful. Put the two together, and you get a situation most women would not even want to think about being forced to deal with. Still, sometimes this scenario can’t be avoided. Sometimes, the move being made is taking you across the country, which is […]

What to Do After A Move

Whether you have been planning your move for two weeks or two months, you will experience a big sigh of relief once the movers leave, and you are unpacked. However, before you get too cozy on the sofa, there are a few chores you should take care of right away before you either forget or […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

If you are moving and buying a home the last thing that you want to do is make a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided with a little helpful guidance. Everyone tells you things that you should be doing during the buying process, but few think to tell you of common mistakes that you […]

Tips for Bug Proofing Your Home

If the house that you are moving into has been sitting empty for a while there could be a lot of insects lingering inside that have made themselves a nice home. You do not necessarily need to go on a killing spree, just make the home less desirable, and they will generally leave on their […]

How to Refinish Your Tub

You have done everything right for your move this time around. You took your time to find a house you love in the perfect neighborhood. You compared moving quotes and read moving reviews, and you even had a good purge while packing. The only problem is that every time you go in the bathroom you […]

Cleaning Your Gutters Like a Pro

It does not matter if you are buying a house or moving into a rental, there will likely be a list of maintenance work that needs to be taken care of promptly. Cleaning your gutters will probably fall somewhere at the top of this list. The only exception is if you happen to be moving into […]

Moving With Your Pet

Moving is a big change for us people, and even bigger one for our pets.  Most animals are naturally territorial and aren’t big fans of change.  We have the opportunity to anticipate an upcoming move and prepare accordingly for it but a move is a sudden and disruptive occurrence in the life of an animal.  […]

How to Do a Cross Country Move Last Minute

You are called into your boss’ office, and you can’t help but think you must be in trouble for something. You were late yesterday, but you are positive no one saw you sneak in, and you stayed later to make up for it. As you are sitting there planning your thoughtful defense, you are told […]