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Written by Brianne Manz at Stroller in the City Festive lights, Christmas trees, crowds of shoppers and piles and piles of gifts are all thrilling parts of the holidays. My kids love to pour over the toy catalogues and make endless lists of items they want. With three kids and countless relatives the gifts tend […]

Why You Don’t Have to Move When You’re an Empty Nester

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you must move to Florida or even out of your current home.  Don’t feel pressured to vacate your comfortable house with the upgraded everything, fashioned the way you like to appease everyone else.  If you’re still satisfied and consider it a welcome haven, no one is pushing you out […]

Why You Should Move When You’re an Empty Nester

People often talk fondly about their retirement and kid-free years when they’ll travel the world, move to a bustling city and maybe buy a boat or motorcycle.  Unfortunately, time slips away, and you start missing the days of knee-deep diapers and travel soccer tournaments, forgetting plans to paint the town red during retirement.  Don’t allow […]

8 Ways to Save Money as an Empty Nester

Financial circumstances change when you become an empty nester.  With your children out of the house and presumably out of your pocketbook, money matters change drastically, so streamlining your finances will make the most of your money.  Dreams of lavish vacations, buying a vacation home or purchasing a boat, motorcycle or sports car could be […]

What to Do When Only One of You Wants to Move

Relocation is a real thing for many couples and families, but it’s not always a favored decision and could cause rifts in relationships if you don’t handle the situation in a delicate manner.  Although compromise should be the answer to resolving conflicts, it’s easier said than done.  So what do you do when the promise […]

Mom’s Biggest Fears About Moving

As a parent you have to keep it together even though you may be unbearably exhausted and losing your mind.  When it comes to moving with the entire family, fears and worries surround you until you’re settled into your new home.  What are the biggest moving fears moms have and how do you combat them? […]

Why Moving to Cities Appeals to Empty Nesters

When you think of moving after retirement, you probably consider that you’ll move to a freshly built retirement community or a relaxing resort area like the beach.  What usually doesn’t come to mind as a popular alternative for retirees is to move to a city.  Most people associate city living as one chosen as a […]

How to Relocate After Divorce

Unfortunately, marriages end more often than we’d like to hear which means one or both spouses will move out of their once shared home.  Splitting up furniture and other belongings while starting divorce proceedings takes a toll on even the most independent, strong soul.  Lots of changes and decisions must be made from where to […]

 How to Hire a Painter

Whether you want to freshen up your current home or the one you’re moving into, painting is the easiest way to dress up a shabby-looking room for potential buyers or to suit your new home’s needs.  The question is do you want to complete the painting or hire a professional painter or painting company to […]

6 Mistakes Made by First-Time Home Buyers

After receiving generous monetary gifts from family and friends for your wedding, you’ve decided to buy your first home.  This should be a piece of cake, you and your new spouse agree, because you believe you have just enough for a hefty down payment and can afford monthly mortgage payments.  With a sizable amount, you […]