Long Distance Moving

Top Things You Need to Know Before Hiring Long Distance Movers

Follow These Simple Tips to Ensure That Your Moving Day Goes by Flawlessly Moving homes can be a true test of your patience, especially if you’re embarking on a long distance move. Not only will you have to get used to a new city but a new home as well. The logistics of securing a […]

What to Expect When Moving to a Ski Resort Town

Not everyone loves winter weather but some choose to reside in places where plentiful snow arrives early.  If you tend toward ski bum when the first snowfall comes, you may consider moving to a ski resort town.  Living in a resort town is unlike your typical suburban spread or city dwelling – there’s a different […]

Games People Play While Long Distance Moving

When you decided to drive and create a cross-country road trip around your long distance move, you didn’t realize you may get bored.  Listening to the radio, watching the same DVDs on an endless loop and observing your family ignoring each other by focusing on their phones and other electronic devices gets old and doesn’t […]

When Long-Distance Moving Interferes with Family Life

Sometimes, circumstances dictate when the whole family can move together.  Maybe your spouse transferred jobs, but you haven’t yet sold the house or you want the kids to finish the school year before the moving company moves everything to your new home.  Maybe you are embarking on a long-distance romance until you decide where you […]

Moving Tips – How to Prepare Your Car Before You Move

The one thing you may neglect throughout the moving process is your car.  Unless you plan to sell your car or use a car transportation service, whether you’re long distance moving or moving around the corner, your car must move with you.  In order to complete errands related to moving and to arrive at your […]

Places to Visit Around Washington, DC – National Harbor, Maryland

Outside of Washington, DC, and Alexandria, VA, across the Potomac River, resides the gorgeous waterfront development of National Harbor, MD.  From the highway, a multicolored, spiked sculpture guides you toward the center of this manmade metropolis.  Once a plantation built in the 1800s, a fire destroyed it, and the property was put up for sale […]

Driving vs. Flying – How Will You Get to Your Next Home?

When you’re moving long distance, how are you going to get there? The obvious answer would appear to be taking a plane or, if you live only a few hours away, driving your car, but is one mode of transportation easier and more efficient than the other? Only you and/or your loved ones can decide, […]

Tips for Cross Country Moving While Pregnant

Being pregnant is exhausting. Cross country moving is both exhausting and stressful. Put the two together, and you get a situation most women would not even want to think about being forced to deal with. Still, sometimes this scenario can’t be avoided. Sometimes, the move being made is taking you across the country, which is […]

5 Helpful Tips on Rental Trucks

Hiring movers is always going to make the moving process a lot easier both mentally and physically. However, if you simply can’t squeeze the expense of movers into your budget or if you are dying for an extreme workout for the day then truck rentals are your next best option. You definitely do not want […]

Tips for Moving to a Higher Altitude

Whether you have dreamt about living in a mountain chalet your entire life or if you just got a promotion to a location with a higher altitude there are a few extra things to be mindful of when moving to a higher altitude. Hire Movers You can’t understand how thin air will affect you until […]