Moving Stories

I was searching the web for moving stories and couldn’t find any, so I had this great idea to open my own story blog, so people can share their moving stories with others.

How to Do a Cross Country Move Last Minute

You are called into your boss’ office, and you can’t help but think you must be in trouble for something. You were late yesterday, but you are positive no one saw you sneak in, and you stayed later to make up for it. As you are sitting there planning your thoughtful defense, you are told […]

After the Move, Review the Movers

Unless you’re a “professional mover,” you probably had no idea who to hire to help with your move. You went through the stressful experience of calling various companies, reviewing their prices and policies, and finally making your choice. But even with all of that due diligence, there’s still a chance that you were a bit […]

FlatRate in New York Metro

This is a picture I took in New York Metro MTA two weeks ago. This is a lyric Vanessa Carlton wrote, which perfectly express this picture: Just a day, Just an ordinary day. Just tryin to get by. Just a boy, Just an ordinary boy. But he was looking towards the sky. And as he […]

Real People, real comments

I would like to share with you and pass on some comments made by people who read this moving planning blog. It’s about real people and real moving experience. For your convenience, I will not include comments like “very happy to post my comment in this blog”, “Nice blog”, “great info (or day)!”, “I agree […]

Car rental with independent agency

Year ago I spoke here about transporting your expensive and confidential property such as jewellery using your own car. This way everything is safe, and within your reach at any given time. This time I will explain how to chooce a car rental company on your moving day. There are many reasons why you should choose an […]

My moving Experience

I just wanted to add to this forum since I was researching it a lot when I moved two months ago from CA to a small town in FL. We were moving right in the midst of the high moving season and eventhough we were moving from a 2 Bedroom in California to a town house […]

Real People, Real Comments

The 3 men that came to move my son were excellent. Very professional and fast. The guys did a great job packing up my belongings and I really felt like it was a great experience. I’m not fully moved into my new place yet so the move is halfway done. The entire experience was surprisingly […]

Thank You Flatrate movers

Just wanted to post a good experience (for a change!). After the very bad experience we had with Peace Movers, about which I posted on July 19, we called FlatRate Moving of Rockville. They had a move date available 2 days later, showed up in their own clearly marked truck, with 3 guys for both […]

Moving To Los- Angeles

My name is Jack Holmes and I have just recently moved to LA from Florida. At first I had many difficulties arranging my stuff, I didn’t even know where to start. So I call up one of my friends which moved not to long ago himself. He told me that as he was searching the […]

Will I move again sometime soon? Not bloody likely

Here is another story received today from Santi Meinthes. My long-distance move, made in January 2007, was from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Mill Bay, Canada. A distance of about 10,500 miles as the crow flies – much further as the plane flies. Moving myself and my husband was easy – we got on the airplane and […]