Moving Stories

I was searching the web for moving stories and couldn’t find any, so I had this great idea to open my own story blog, so people can share their moving stories with others.

How to Do a Cross Country Move Last Minute

You are called into your boss’ office, and you can’t help but think you must be in trouble for something. You were late yesterday, but you are positive no one saw you sneak in, and you stayed later to make up for it. As you are sitting there planning your thoughtful defense, you are told […]

Thank You Flatrate movers

Just wanted to post a good experience (for a change!). After the very bad experience we had with Peace Movers, about which I posted on July 19, we called FlatRate Moving of Rockville. They had a move date available 2 days later, showed up in their own clearly marked truck, with 3 guys for both […]