Moving Tips

Moving Tips will make you life easier on your move.

How to Relocate After Divorce

Unfortunately, marriages end more often than we’d like to hear which means one or both spouses will move out of their once shared home.  Splitting up furniture and other belongings while starting divorce proceedings takes a toll on even the most independent, strong soul.  Lots of changes and decisions must be made from where to […]

How to Pack Your Bedroom

Bedrooms aren’t impossible to pack, but the thought of having to pack up your bedroom may overwhelm you just the same.  Many of you keep your bedrooms comfortable and cluttered because you’re probably not parading every guest you entertain there – it’s your private space where you sleep and keep however you choose.  In order […]

 How to Hire a Painter

Whether you want to freshen up your current home or the one you’re moving into, painting is the easiest way to dress up a shabby-looking room for potential buyers or to suit your new home’s needs.  The question is do you want to complete the painting or hire a professional painter or painting company to […]

Moving Tips: Who to Notify When You Move

Staying on the grid while moving isn’t too challenging when access to e-mail, social media and other communication methods makes almost everyone readily available.  However, not everyone may be aware that you’re moving, and you don’t want to miss out on snail mail and utility services for a single second.  Obviously, you must update your […]

6 Mistakes Made by First-Time Home Buyers

After receiving generous monetary gifts from family and friends for your wedding, you’ve decided to buy your first home.  This should be a piece of cake, you and your new spouse agree, because you believe you have just enough for a hefty down payment and can afford monthly mortgage payments.  With a sizable amount, you […]

Beginning Married Life on a Budget

Marital bliss in planning your wedding and honeymoon insulates you from real life marriage, offering lifetime romantic memories.  Unfortunately, one thing you won’t forget is the bills you’ll need to pay for events you wouldn’t trade for the world.  When you start watching bills accumulate, realize that beginning your life together means watching your budget, […]

 How to Move in Together After Marriage

Although you’re still in the happy daze of your honeymoon, reality is about to pop your love bubble.  When you arrive home, you’re finally moving in together and merging your households for the first time.  Since you’ve never lived together before, you’re in for the first challenge of married life which involves compromising as a […]

What to Do With Used Moving Boxes

Although we don’t recommend using secondhand moving boxes when moving, even if you purchase brand new ones from us, you will be saddled with gently used boxes that have no place to go after a move.  Despite thinking they may be useless, boxes may offer a second life if you treat them with kindness and […]

How to Host a Yard Sale Before Moving

If you’re not computer savvy, want to get rid of unwanted items in one fell swoop and earn some cash, host a yard sale before moving out of your house. Although the trend nowadays is to sell things online, it’s a longer sales process and good, old-fashioned yard sales can yield decent profits. All you […]

Maintaining Two Households When One Doesn’t Sell

Say you put your house up for sale, do everything you can to make it desirable to buyers, and it sits idle despite dropping the price.  Sometimes, no inexplicable reason exists to explain it, but you’ve already scheduled a moving day with the moving company to your new home and cannot postpone it any longer.  […]