All about mini storage, from planing to leasing.

Storing the Sentimentals

By Brianne Manz at Stroller in the City I have always wanted to raise my family in New York City. This vibrant city is bursting with culture and activities and exciting adventures on every corner. BUT raising a growing family in New York City is not easy and one of our biggest obstacles is space, […]

How to Save on Storage

Our culture is one that saves, collects and sometimes, sadly, hoards.  We simply need our comfort objects, security blankets and mementoes, whether they’re displayed in our homes or sitting in an attic or storage unit.  Storage is helpful when moving or when your home is just too small to hold everything.  While it’s an excellent […]

How to Move Your Furniture to Your Vacation Home

Your dream just came true! After years of scrimping and saving, you finally bought a vacation home.  Now you can leave stress behind and relax and recharge for a weekend or more whether your retreat resides in the mountains or at the beach.  If you decide to rent out your second home, you’ll welcome the […]

Free Cardboard Boxes: Where to Get Them and How to Store them

When it comes to moving, a lot of people will go out and buy cardboard boxes, a massive set of fancy moving crates or nice looking plastic boxes specifically for the job.  And while this tactic can be convenient, there are other ways to ascertain boxes.  With a little planning, you can save a few […]

Keep or Store? How Much It Really Costs to Store Furniture

Post updated: January 5th, 2017 Whether you are downsizing temporarily, remodeling your home, or moving out of the country for work for a year, you will need to do something with your furniture. Of course, the first question that probably pops into your mind is, “How much does furniture storage cost?” Well, the cost can […]

Shipping Your Car for Cross Country Moving

Most people relocating a great distance hire cross country movers and then drive their car. Sometimes, this is not a practical option. For example, if you have too many family members to fit in the car at one time or you are a single parent traveling with a baby or toddler. Maybe you simply are […]

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Tiny Apartment Feel Bigger

Once you’ve moved to New York City with some help from FlatRate Moving, you have to figure out how to survive here. That means learning how to navigate the subway, figuring out the best halal cart, and, most importantly, finding ways to make your tiny apartment feel just a little less miniature. We can’t help […]

Tips on How to Pare Down Your Belongings

Do you ever just look around and feel a little annoyed, embarrassed or overwhelmed by how much stuff you really do have? Do you constantly say you need to get rid of some things, but then you never do? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you are too emotionally attached to […]


New York Storage  Before you move, you must make sure that you have a place to store your belongings for the time being. There are many different sizes of storage rooms and many different size lockers. For more information go to New York Storage website. Many moving companies provides mini storage facilities to accommodate every […]