Flat rate or hourly-What is preferred while dealing with moving companies?

I am moving locally from 1Bed to a 2 Bed.
Some companies are charging a flat rate($250-300) and some are charging hourly ($90/hr)+ travel time(appx 1hour or $90 to and fro).
Not sure which one to go for, please help.
Yes, I forgot to add both (Hourly and Flat ) comes with 2 movers and a truck.
Also, Why to go for flat rate with more than 2 men? If more than 2 they will finish the move quickly so shouldn’t hourly be preferred?
Thanks for all the great answers.
The distance from my old place to new one is only 4 miles of local streets.
Even the hourly movers are charging a flat 1 hour for travel time. reason being, they do not want me charge for delay due to traffic jams etc

  • two man and truck

    For two men and a truck, I’d go the hourly route.
    More than two men, go for the flat rate.

  • Mike

    ok…i didn’t quite understand..if ur moving LOCALLY..then how r u gonna have a 1 hr commute to the new house?????……………if u do NOT have the commute…i would go with the hrly rate…its cheaper..however…if it IS an hr away…id choose the flat rate..cuz itd be cheaper. so…….in other words……

    travel time- if it is an hr or more choose flat rate
    NO travel time- go hourly

  • moving companies

    If these guys are honest, hard workers, you’d probably come out better paying an hourly rate. However, let’s get real: These guys are movers. They work with their muscles, but even they can figure out that if they drag this job out, they’re going to get more hours of employment. I suspect you’re going to be better off with the flat rate. That way, the guys will want to work fast, it won’t cost you any more, and everybody will be happy. 🙂

  • Larry Ashel

    If possible, try to see if you can get some friends/co-workers to help you with your move. You can rent a truck from U-Haul or another local truck rental place.

    If not, be careful of the hourly guys. They may take a lot longer and you could possibly end up paying more $$. Also, make sure they have a good reputation. I went with Starving Students to try to save $$. They did a horrible job. They ruined several furniture pieces and stole my son’s basketball hoop. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this was missing until it was too late. Make a checklist of everything.

    Good Luck!

  • vince

    As a mover for over 8 years, id recommend the hourly rate. Usually movers that charge u a flat rate will try and mover your home or apt as fast as they can. Usually not fulling blanket wrapping the furniture or as they call it, draping the piece in the truck. Which will always lead to damages pieces, floors, walls and uncaring workers.

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