Guide to Moving Your ATVs

shutterstock_147053126 Guide to Moving Your ATVs

If you have all-terrain vehicles, you will need to put a little extra thought into your moving process. This is especially true for a long distance move. You do not want moving day to come along only for your movers to tell you that driving it into the moving truck with the rest of your belongings is not going to fly.

In some cases, you may decide to hire a separate mover just to handle your ATVs, if your primary mover does not specialize in handling them. This goes for dirt bikes and golf carts, too.

Should You Transport Yourself?

If you have a trailer, or if you want to rent one, you could tow the ATVs behind your vehicle to your new destination. Obviously, this only applies if you have a vehicle with a towing package capable of hauling the load and trailer weight.

Another thing to consider is that if you transport yourself, you will likely be using an open-air trailer. This leaves the ATVs exposed to weather, rocks, etc. Just because they are made to get muddy does not mean they should be snowed or hailed on as you drive across the country. A professional service will likely use an enclosed trailer to provide more protection. 

Questions to Ask ATV Movers 

  • Can I track my shipment? Some movers will provide you with a tracking number, so you know where your ATVs are. They may even send out text updates. 
  • How often are the trucks serviced? You really do not want a moving truck breaking down on the side of the road with your ATVs inside. It is important to find out what the company’s schedule is for routine maintenance. 
  • Do liquids need to be emptied? You may assume that gas and oil need to be emptied, but this is rarely the case. Generally, ATVs are shipped trail-ready. 
  • How are ATVs secured? If the truck is hauling several ATVs you will want to know how they are secured inside. If he slams on his breaks, are they all going to smash into one another? If ropes are used to secure them in place, is the paint protected by a blanket, tarp, or something similar? 
  • What happens if the truck breaks down? Even with routine maintenance, some auto trouble is simply not preventable. If you are moving from coast to coast, you do not want your vehicles stuck somewhere around Ohio. Does the moving company send another truck or do they contract out the remainder of the move to a different company? 

It is always a good idea to contact a few ATV moving companies and compare quotes. Take the time to read reviews and check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. Inquire about insurance and purchase additional coverage, if necessary. It is a good idea to take photos of your ATVs from every angle either with a time stamp or holding a newspaper in the photo that shows the date. This will eliminate the question of any damage being there prior to loading. Lastly, remove all removable and aftermarket parts because they are likely not included in the insurance coverage. Plus, they could shift or come loose and cause damage.

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