How a Nanny Can Help During Your Local Move

If you have a child, then the process of moving and storage is significantly more stressful. If you are single and living alone or married, you can get away with tossing everything in boxes, eating a bag of pretzels for breakfast and not worrying about a shower until you find the box with the bathroom stuff later that night. Children are sensitive to changes in their schedule. They need a healthy breakfast and bath time needs to happen as scheduled in the new house, whether you are ready or not. A nanny can help more than you can imagine.

Pack a Personal Box

Your nanny will likely have a good idea as to what your child’s favorite toy of the day is, so they can be very helpful in packing a personal box for your child. This box should include everything needed immediately at the new house so their daily routine is not interrupted. Pajamas, toothbrush, change of clothes, toys, and homework, if applicable, should go in this box. This way, you do not have to dig through piles of boxes at the new house just to find a few necessary odds and ends.

Outing During Moving Time

If moving and storage is being done locally, you can have the nanny take your child for a fun-filled excursion. This gets them out of the way of the movers and they do not have to feel unsettled by watching their belongings carried in and out. This will help make the move a positive experience too. They can go to the zoo, park, museum, movies or anywhere else that is fun in your local area.

Keep them Occupied

The last thing you want while you are trying to unpack is children running around or looking for your attention every few minutes. Your nanny can keep them occupied while you are busy. If they did not go somewhere fun during the move, you can try to get some unpacking done while they are still gone.

If the movers came bright and early before any places opened, then the nanny can always take the children somewhere fun once you have arrived at the new house, so you can have a few hours of unpacking time.

Maintain Structure

Your nanny plays a key role in your child’s life. Quite often, there are many days when they see your child more hours than you do. They provide a great deal of stability, which is why they are often so recommended during a divorce.

Contact with the nanny will be the constant that your child needs in their life to know that nothing has changed. Sure, they are in a new location, but everything else is the same.

Moving and storage is as stressful for children as it is for adults. They are not packing or paying expenses, but even watching their toys boxed up can be overwhelming. Your nanny will offer the reassurance they need to feel safe in a confusing situation.