How to Organize Your Laundry Room

Unless you happen to be moving an office, you will need to hand laundry items (dirty clothes, damp towels, detergents and fabric softeners) to packers and movers, then set up your laundry room again at the other end of the journey. The way a laundry area is organized really does count and with a little thought your new room can be cleaner, fresher, and easier to use than ever before.

The number one essential for any laundry room is ventilation. Healthy airflow is always the first step towards combatting damp and mildew and it will do more than anything else to cut down odors. The bacteria that make dirty socks smell bad just love humid conditions so a well-ventilated laundry room will keep unpleasant smells to a minimum.

Sorting whites from bright colors is one of the laundry room’s most irritating tasks. You can eliminate it by having a separately tub for whites, and by getting the whole household to sort their clothes as they take them in for washing. Do check that no stray red socks make it into that pile though- even in the best organized laundry room accidents can happen.

Delicate items like silk shirts or lacy lingerie should be washed separately. You can have a third tub for these or just hang a bag from a convenient hook. The most ornate and fragile garments need to be washed in a special delicates bag anyway so all you’ll need to do is pop the whole bag in the washing machine, adjust it to the right setting, and press the start button.

These items should also be air-dried so having a fold-away drying rack in your laundry room can be very handy. With the right ventilation thin materials will dry out fast enough and drying lingerie inside also means it’s away from the sun (which can damage sensitive fabric) and away from prying eyes.

Have a hanging rail for shirts, blouses, and other more formal clothes too. This will drastically reduce the amount of ironing such garments require, and it’ll let them dry out evenly and in a natural shape. A rail also gives you somewhere to hang ironed garments out of the way while you get through the rest of the pile. Just put an empty hanger in between the ironed and unironed clothes so you know which ones are yet to be done and which are ready to be put away.

Other laundry room helpers include a Tupperware container to keep laundry powders and tablets dry, and a small bin or container for disposing of lint and other pieces of washing debris. Some households also like to have a pot for coins left in pockets. At the end of the year the money can be used to buy a family treat or it can be given to charity.

Once the long distance movers have gone, take the time to organize your new laundry room properly. The task may not be as exciting as putting up pictures or getting your bedroom sorted out just the way you like it, but getting practical areas properly set up will save time and effort in the long run.

  • jeff Platt

    I never thought about how organized a laundry room can actually be. I do feel that it is almost too much organization for my house of four college men. We have the great system of everyone does their own laundry, but we all use the same detergent and softener. I know it isn’t ideal but its what works. Also I feel that putting clothes such as button ups that would go to the dry cleaners in the same room as all the other dirty clothes is a great idea.

  • john michel

    it can be easy by making of different shelves for different items like make different shelve for dirty clothes ,woolen clothes and etc

  • john michel

    it can be easy by making of different shelves for different items like make different shelve for dirty clothes ,woolen clothes and etc
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