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moving-746656.gifMy name is Abe, recently I needed to move from Florida to Oklahoma. I needed a moving company and quick. So I called up the first moving company I saw online. I wont mention any names, for obvious reasons. The movers came by and worked for about two hours, with a couple of  5 minute breaks in every hour. They moved my items to my new apartment, I thought everything went well but when I looked around I found out that much of my furniture was scratched, smashed and damaged majorly. After the move I spoke to a few friends who found out that this company was indeed a major moving company scam.

In my experience, I learned that people should always check the background of the company they want to use. Always get feedback about the company you choose. Good feedback means good service, and good service means happy customers.

  • http://www.MovingScam.Info Mike Peterson

    There is a website that can save you from all the problems of moving company scams: MovingScam.Info

    There are about 20 questions and answers of how moving companies can rip you off and ways of how you can avoiding it.

    Wish you all who needs to move a happy move and a safe one.

  • Joan

    I didn’t know until recently about “Mover Scams”. Fifteen years ago I had to move from L.A. to NYC. I called in a reputable mover whose trucks I had seen around and who also had a large ad in the yellow pages. Got the price of the move and was content with the amount. The truck was to arrive at my NYC address on Sunday which they did as planned…However, when they got there they said that the cost was going to be $3,500 more (can’t remember the reason) but went on to say thaat they couldn’t unload until I gave them cash. Stunned as I was, I headed to an ATM, and somehow was able to get the cash to give them whereupon they unloaded my furnishings. WOW was I naive…but what is one to do on a Sunday???

  • Maine Lawyer

    Yes, you must be very careful while selecting the moving companies. If you choose the inexperienced or fraud company then they will make your moving experience worse. You need to check for their reliability, credibility and experience and price before selecting or hiring any moving company. Find out the information about the moving companies from your family, friends, and business bureau before zeroing your decision. FMCSA (federal motor carrier safety administration), you can search for information about the company like complaints and safety ratings. You must check with this association about how many complaints are registered against that company in order to protect yourself from scam.

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  • giovani

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  • kim claudio

    I recently moved from New York to Fort Lauderdale and I found a great company by the name of Packing Service Inc or they came to my house on the time planned help packed all my belongings and also they were friendly and very professional, when speaking on the phone with the rep from the company they provided me with the important information i needed to prepare for my move.

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  • Joe Greenberg

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    I did my research and got estimates and had a smooth move… I truly recommend to check this site it has all the information needed for the right move.

  • Joe Greenberg

    One more thing, about the moving planner they have a nice brochure that covers the moving planning easy, it covers all the information you need and provide contact information if your in trouble by your mover.
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