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How to Host a Yard Sale Before Moving

If you’re not computer savvy, want to get rid of unwanted items in one fell swoop and earn some cash, host a yard sale before moving out of your house. Although the trend nowadays is to sell things online, it’s a longer sales process and good, old-fashioned yard sales can yield decent profits. All you […]

Maintaining Two Households When One Doesn’t Sell

Say you put your house up for sale, do everything you can to make it desirable to buyers, and it sits idle despite dropping the price.  Sometimes, no inexplicable reason exists to explain it, but you’ve already scheduled a moving day with the moving company to your new home and cannot postpone it any longer.  […]

How to Avoid Moving Company Scams

Beware the moving company scam! Even though you may scoff along with all the other moving advice you receive from well-intentioned yet pushy bystanders, learning how to avoid moving scams is the best advice you must take.  When you arrange your move, the numerous tasks you must accomplish could outweigh any concern over falling prey […]

Worst Moving Company Scams Ever

Now that you’ve negotiated buying your dream house or renting that fabulous apartment, you need to schedule a moving date and hire a moving company.  Sounds simple yet you must beware of the most common scams perpetrated by unscrupulous moving companies.  Before you hire just any old mover, review our list of the worst moving […]

How to Declutter Using Online Sites Like Craigslist

One of the first things you must do before even considering moving out is to declutter.  Taking unnecessary, unusable items to your next home limits space and costs extra money to transport.  Luckily, in our modern world, myriad ways exist to downsize, and some even garner profits.  You’ve heard of Craigslist, right? Craigslist and similar […]

56 Mistakes NOT to Make When Moving

If you’ve never moved before, you’re either in for pleasant surprises, rude awakenings or an unexpected combination of both.  Just because you’re a moving newbie does not mean you have to make mistakes, so check out our list of mistakes NOT to make while moving. Not tipping movers Using old, damaged, ripped up, dirty moving […]

How to Move With Your Pet

Pets mean so much to their owners and become family members.  Although some may argue that pets are just animals, they require the same or more consideration than humans when moving.  Your moving company cannot move your pet to your next home, but as moving professionals we work with pet lovers often and understand what […]

Protecting Your Home on Moving Day

Both the home you’re vacating and the one you’re moving into deserve tender loving care.  Even if you never liked the space you lived in before moving, there’s no reason to leave behind excessive damage for the next resident.  Would you want to move to a house that suffered abuse from its movers or previous […]

How to Meet the Neighbors After Moving

All eyes are on your moving company truck driving down your new street, but who are these people now known as your neighbors and will you ever meet them?  Even though numerous ways to connect via social media and electronics exist, they sometimes detract from in-person meetings that truly acquaint people and build relationships.  When […]

When You’re Homesick After Moving

It’s no secret that moving to a new home is overwhelming and stressful.  Despite the excitement you feel, relocating tugs at your heart strings, too.  If you reach your destination feeling as empty as the moving van your moving company just unloaded, you could be experiencing homesickness.  Feeling this way could last a short time […]