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What to Expect When Moving to a Ski Resort Town

Not everyone loves winter weather but some choose to reside in places where plentiful snow arrives early.  If you tend toward ski bum when the first snowfall comes, you may consider moving to a ski resort town.  Living in a resort town is unlike your typical suburban spread or city dwelling – there’s a different […]

How to Move to the Right Neighborhood

Finding the ideal neighborhood is as thrilling and overwhelming as searching for the perfect mate.  Hoping for a permanent home base, you must identify what’s important to you, if it’s feasible and what’s available.  Listening to friends and family helps but could lead you astray because not everyone needs or wants the same things.  Discover […]

Why You Should Move

Are you truly satisfied with your living situation? Could your life improve if you looked for another home elsewhere? Maybe it’s time to consider why you should move.  Although moving can be expensive, if it makes life that much better, isn’t it worth it?  Before you contact the moving company, though, check your budget to […]

What to Expect When Moving to a Small Town

Jumping off the hamster wheel to move to a small town means a whole new lease on life. You may think the slower pace and plentiful space indicates that life will be easier and less stressful.  Wherever you move, though, you must acclimate to different lifestyles and discover how you fit in your community.  Although […]

What to Expect When Moving to a City

If you’ve never lived in a big city, an overwhelming combination of sensory overload and culture shock may consume you.  Even if you grew up a city dweller, moving to a new one can be a daunting prospect.  Since you’ll be new to city life, you must be well-informed and ready to take on the […]

What to Expect When Moving to a Beach Resort Town

Having beach-hopped all summer from friends’ rentals to family homesteads and every shoreline in between, you relish the sand and surf like oxygen.  An idea as bright as the summer sun burns in your brain.  Could you move to and live in a beach resort town year-round? Of course you could, but before you start […]

38 Crazy Moving Tips That Aren’t So Crazy

Until you move yourself, you’ll never believe the crazy lengths movers and their customers will go to in the packing process.  Since most people only move a handful of times in their lifetime, they may not realize how helpful these moving tips are.  Although some of the following tips may border on the absurd, they […]

How to Move in Together With Your Significant Other

Post updated: January 5th, 2017 Falling in love makes you think anything is possible.  The sun shines brighter; the grass looks greener; and your heart is full of glee.  Imagine feeling that joy both day and night by living together and sharing each precious moment.  It’s time to get your head out of the clouds, […]

How to Save on Storage

Our culture is one that saves, collects and sometimes, sadly, hoards.  We simply need our comfort objects, security blankets and mementoes, whether they’re displayed in our homes or sitting in an attic or storage unit.  Storage is helpful when moving or when your home is just too small to hold everything.  While it’s an excellent […]

How to Pack Up Electronics

Electronics make our lives easier, entertain and educate us, assist us in communicating with the world and completing our day’s work.  Amid glitches and overdependence, we value and need them, so when you move, it’s vital to know how to pack them with care, so that they’re not damaged or misplaced.  We will explain how […]