Perfume that avoids stress while moving

Psychologists classify moving as one of the most stressful occurrences of life, and this stress falls most heavily on the woman of the house. The smart woman will tap into the science and art of aromatherapy to make the day go smoothly.

Believe it or not, specifically choosing a discount perfume for the day based on aromatherapy principles will have a proven impact on the success of your move. And since our moods and energy levels change over the course of the day, we can also use the same principles to use different fragrances to boost different times during the day.

Basic Principles and Recommendations:

You’ll want to attend to your personal morning hygiene using an invigorating soap, perhaps something minty to wake you up, then freely apply deodorant/anti-perspirant. This will keep you fresh during the day, and also give you a clean, clear base for your fragrance to work from. Unscented anti-perspirant and talc are best, as they won’t interfere with your chosen aromas. Note to self: pack deodorant and fragrances in a day pack or purse, not in a box that will disappear into the truck.

Citrus, Spice, and Mint are uplifting, inspiring, and calm the jitters. They improve thinking, clear the senses, and are mildly anti-melancholic. These may include any citrus, bergamot, pineapple, cinnamon, clove, patchouli, and any mint. If you are looking at a vigorous day’s work, these scents will jump-start you. These aromas are good for morning energy and that early afternoon push.

Two excellent fragrances that fit this therapy are Cool Water by Davidoff, and Amarige Mariage by Givenchy. Cool Water includes citrus, pineapple, woody undertones, and the scent of ocean air. Amarige Mariage includes bitter orange, bergamot, cinnamon, patchouli, jasmine, and magnolia. Both of these scents apply to the principles that will give you an uplifting and invigorating sensation, quickening the senses and calming anxiety.

Herbals, Florals, and Sweet Fruits are soothing, balancing, and anti-melancholic. They calm the spirit, enhance mental focus, and improve confidence. These may include lavender, sage, rosemary, rose, lilac, peach and apple. If you are supervising movers and tying up loose ends, these scents will give you the calm clarity you need to see it through. Herbal aromas will also help you unwind when applied at the end of your busy day.

Three great fragrances in this category are Design by Ralph Lauren perfume, touch perfume by Burberry, and Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker. Design includes peach, gardenia and sandalwood for a confidence-improving anti-melancholic effect. White Diamonds includes rose, lily, amber and sandalwood for similar effect with a slightly more soothing undertone. Lovely includes lavender, orchid, apple and musk, for more focus and balance along with the calming effects.

Sweet and Familiar scents are calming and anti-melancholic, and have been shown to release endorphins, increasing happiness. These may include vanilla, honey, chocolate, coffee and molasses. While that sounds odd for a discount perfume, slight hints of these fragrances are not necessarily easy to identify, but they register in our minds. These aromas will calm you and dissolve any uneasiness, and will have a similar friendly, calming effect on the people working around you.

A wonderful fragrance with these attributes is Angel by Thierry Mugler. It includes honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, patchouli and apricot. This unique mix of happy scents with minty patchouli and soothing apricot make it a great option for moving day. This is also a good one to apply in the evening when you’re done moving, while you’re settling into your new home.

Apply scents in the “hot spots” of the neck, wrists and knees as usual, and feel free to reapply during the day when you need a boost. Don’t be afraid to switch to a new scent later in the day, to refresh or relax your mind and relax your body.

  • LaDonna Hatfield

    You jump from the bed and head to the shower in a frenzy to prepare for the frenzy of moving day! Your mind races from whether the dishes are packed optimally to the few final packing chores you have to do to how you smell. What? How you smell? Absolutely! For a woman, moving day is a hectic challenge of managing movers, family members, and their own emotions. It isn’t that a woman “sweats” the small stuff; it is that a woman knows how to manage and wants to maintain the calm composure of an efficient supervisor throughout the process of a day that is anything but normal. Of course, every day is hectic for a woman, so the pressures of moving day should be approached with same pluck and vigor as any other day for the woman who runs a household. Women know that approaching the day begins with their approach to the day, too! So jump from the bed and begin the day with the scent of the calm, in-control, take-charge manager that you are.

    That’s right, it all starts in the shower. The shower is where a busy woman reviews plans for the day, identifies items still needing attention, and literally makes her plans for what needs to be done in order of need. The ten minute shower sets the tone for a woman’s busy day every day, and her scent of confidence needs to begin there.

    The idea of layering the same scent in several forms has become popular with women because they can incorporate the basics into their morning routine without spending extra precious minutes pondering how best to maintain the scent of a woman through a hectic day. If a woman is buying a gift for herself, she would do well to consider making her favorite scent a gift basket that provides her with the necessary items to begin each day with a feeling of confidence. You know these women. They are confident, in control of themselves, and yes, they smell good!

    So what goes into that toiletry gift basket the woman creates for herself? Well, women buy moisturizer, foundation, and eye shadow and mascara to complete the look for their face. The same approach should be used for the body. A woman needs her favorite scent to feel good, and that favorite scent should begin with a lovely-scented shower gel form of her favorite perfume. Think about it, as the morning shower routine begins, a woman can manage and micro-manage while luxuriating in the scent that pleases her most. No matter how hectic the day, the shower suddenly becomes a few moments of aromatherapy that helps start the day on the right foot. She moisturizes her body in a scent that literally makes her smile as she takes on the tasks to follow.

    Before preparing for that busy day, a woman dries her skin. That is the opposite effect of moisturizing that same skin in the shower. Doesn’t’ it make sense to lock in the moisture in your skin just like you moisturize your face before beginning the process of applying make-up? Again, take that favorite scent in the form of a body lotions or gelee and apply to slightly damp skin to hold that moisture, and to add an extra layer of your favorite scent. It feels so good to moisturize, it helps your skin, and by using your favorite scent, it appeals to your senses.

    Now, go ahead and brush your teeth with that fluffy towel wrapped around your body. When you are finished, reach for that wonderful scent again, this time in the form of a powder with the softest of puffs, and dab that wonderful scent wherever your body still feels damp. No, don’t go overboard and make clumpy masses of powder and lotion. Instead, lightly smooth the powder over your chest where body heat builds as you busy yourself with packing chores. Don’t forget to use it on your thighs to make those jeans or slacks slide onto silky-feeling legs.

    No woman who is conscious of the fact that she has work to do and wants to smell feminine as she does it forgets the perfume. It’s a mindful experience to dab that favorite perfume behind your ears and on your wrists. Women take the extra 1.5 seconds to raise that wrist to their nostrils to enjoy the scent of that favorite perfume because it’s a simple gesture that appeals not just to the sense of smell, but it also appeals to a woman’s sense of femininity. So why stop there? Yes, there’s more!

    Dress for the day, and then finish your morning toiletry with a quick spray of the body spray form of your favorite perfume. Suddenly, the scent is carried from the scent points of your body to your all-over freshness. You have layered the scents, and you feel really good. However, that final step with body spray lasts on your clothing so that throughout that hectic day of moving everything from furniture to clothing to appliances to the kids’ toys, you smell fresh enough to get a whiff of that favorite scent from time to time.

    Don’t forget those wonderful little roll-on sizes of your favorite perfume. Any time your mind needs a boost, slip that little bottle of scent out of your purse or your jeans’ pocket, and roll it on your wrists, behind your ears, and especially at your cleavage so that you can get an instant pick-me-up from your favorite scent. I carry a roll-on of my Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely” everywhere I go. When I feel the stress setting in or when I just want the extra feminine feel of knowing I smell, well, lovely, I take it out and roll it on. It adds that extra something that just feels good, and it results in a happier, more confident me.

    The entire morning routine takes very little time and pays of in big benefits to your confidence about how feminine you feel. The best part of the layering technique may not even be the way you feel about yourself; it may be the way others perceive you just because you smell so good. People, those professional burly movers included, smile when you ask a question or give a gentle directive because they figure, “She must be as nice as she smells, and boy, does she smell nice!” You will find yourself smiling back because your confidence is there in your scent, and because smelling good feels great. If you make this quick layering technique a part of your everyday routine, you feel confident and smell good, and moving day becomes just another hectic day. Whenever the stress gets to be a little much, there’s a wonderful boost right there in your pocket or purse to use the scent to help center your mind again and remind you that femininity is good and it’s strength. It’s always a hectic day for a woman, and moving day and every day should be a day a woman greets with confidence, a smile, and a scent that just makes her feel good! Make your moving day like any other day that you greet with the readiness of a strong woman. It’s good to be a woman, and it’s great to remind yourself of that with your favorite scent emanating from you like your strength.

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  • yeshourun

    I know moving is a big stress and ofcourse almost all of the stress falls on the woman that is incharge of the house because she is incharge of the house and she has to tell them to do this and to that, its a big stress.

    I bellieve that perfume can give you succes in your moving, because all of the dust and dirt and all of the people coming in and out. Your mod will defenetly change your mood from all of the stress of the moving. I would also use something minty to wake me up in the morning and give me a good head start with all of the moving. from my point of view, of a man we don’t usually were perfume but from my side of the world if I ever get stressed i would were perfume from all of the stinkieness.

  • Perfume Executive

    Stress reducing perfumes helps a lot. It does not only get rid of stinky odor but also reduce the felling of stress after all those rigorous work when moving. Moving can be stressful but can be prevented.