Popular Items People Overlook When Moving

There’s no doubt moving is always very hectic. When it comes to the packing up and moving and storage of our belongings, things can get pretty much over-stressful, which is why most of us end up overlooking some important items without realizing. Try to develop an effective game plan early to make the moving process smooth and stress-free. All you need is a well detailed strategic plan to make sure you don’t miss out anything. Some of the most popular items people often overlook include:

-    Cut Backs
While focusing excessively on the moving and storage process, most of us forget to cut back on the belongings that are not worth moving with. Try to donate, throw out or give away the things that are no longer worth the cost and will add to the trouble during the move. Trust me, cutting back on the clutter will ease off a lot of trouble and will give you more room to fill up your moving truck with valuable belongings.

-    Organizing the Boxes
Organizing the moving and storage is commonly overlooked. Organizing the boxes doesn’t only mean arranging them properly, but also means labeling them. Labeling the boxes helps reduce a load of confusion at both your old and new home. All you’ll need to do is ensure that you pack all your items and belonging separately in different boxes and put a label on them to remind you of the contents when its time to unpack.

-   Canceling or Refilling Subscriptions or Prescriptions
People often overlook the cancelation and refilling of subscriptions and prescriptions during the hassle of a move. Once you move into your new home, make sure you cancel the subscriptions you don’t want. Have your new address updated for the publications you want. You can do this filling out a form for change of address at the post office. Remember the insurance companies and banks as well. Refill your prescriptions one week before you move.

-    Some Major Appliances
At times, the owner of your old home may want you to unplug some appliances before you move out. You might need to defrost and clean everything before leaving.

-    Pet Arrangements
People often forget to make pet arrangements and realize it when it’s too late. Make all the necessary arrangements of how you’ll want to move your pet’s way before the moving day. Moving and storage companies can help you with that too.

-    Essential Documents
Most of us forget to keep our important documents and records like credit card accounts and medical records in order. These are in fact the most important things to pay close attention to during a move.

4 thoughts on “Popular Items People Overlook When Moving

  1. Good moving advice! We’re moving from AZ to CT with three little kids. I can already see myself forgetting a few things so I was happy to find your blog. I’ll link to it on my website http://www.movingacross.com. Another thing that goes along with cutting back is to freeze spending. Stop buying unless you have to. You’ll just have to find a new home for the new stuff or pay to have it shipped. With some things it just doesn’t make sense to move it. Again this blog really helps people like me think through some of these things. Love it!

  2. I like the tip about the pets – I have a couple of chihuahuas and I can’t tell you how much more difficult it makes things on the big day if they are around since they have anxiety about leaving their home (understandably) and aren’t that fond of big burly men taking “their” stuff away (being consummate 3 pound attack dogs!). There’s also the risk of them being injured.

    I think the best practice when it comes to “remembering to” is to get everything that you possible can ready the night before so you can have a good sleep and make life easy for yourself when the movers arrive.

    Good stuff.

  3. I can totally relate to the Pet Arrangements, when we were moving from Germany to Sweden we never thought that within the EU one can find different rules for dogs. We found out that our dog was too old and we needed to organize special papers and treatments if we want to have it in Sweden. The only problem was that we were totally surprised at the border and one of us had to drive back home with the dog.

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