Real People, real comments

I would like to share with you and pass on some comments made by people who read this moving planning blog. It’s about real people and real moving experience.

For your convenience, I will not include comments like “very happy to post my comment in this blog”, “Nice blog”, “great info (or day)!”, “I agree with you”, “Very Interesting moving companies post”, “amazing post”, “your tips helps a lot” and… well, you got the message…

Jeffery wrote today:

That economy is hitting every industry and moving companies are certainly not going to be exempt from that. The set-up of many moving companies may make it easier for the industry to weather the storm, so to speak. I think you may need to look at what to cut back on and some may consider benefits, however this a bad idea in this industry I think. What you could consider is using a PEO to off-set the costs.

Peter wrote:

You must be very careful while selecting the moving companies. If you choose the inexperienced or fraud company then they will make your moving experience worse. You need to check for their reliability, credibility and experience and price before selecting or hiring any moving company. Find out the information about the moving companies from your family, friends, and business bureau before zeroing your decision. FMCSA (federal motor carrier safety administration), you can search for information about the company like complaints and safety ratings. You must check with this association about how many complaints are registered against that company in order to protect yourself from scam.


I didn’t know until recently about “Mover Scams”. Fifteen years ago I had to move from L.A. to NYC. I called in a reputable mover whose trucks I had seen around and who also had a large ad in the yellow pages. Got the price of the move and was content with the amount. The truck was to arrive at my NYC address on Sunday which they did as planned…However, when they got there they said that the cost was going to be $3,500 more (can’t remember the reason) but went on to say thaat they couldn’t unload until I gave them cash. Stunned as I was, I headed to an ATM, and somehow was able to get the cash to give them whereupon they unloaded my furnishings. WOW was I naive…but what is one to do on a Sunday???

Sunset Movers (what is this name?) Wrote:

Moving is a stressful task especially when it is in summer. This is the season when most of the people plan to relocate to other area. In this season most movers are full busy with their services they are offering. Whether you may move to short distance or long distance you need to follow the process in order to avoid stress out off moving and be careful with packing your belongings. Whether it is short distance or long distance packing thoroughly is most important to avoid any damage during transportation and confirm with your moves whether they provide necessary coverage. By following these tips we can almost reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

Lavan Latha wrote:

Many Americans move every year due to different reasons. It is most of the people experience for life. Every one might think of experiencing fun out of it. But every one must aware of the moving companies fraud, whom they heir for their moving needs. Choosing the mover who is dishonest can become disaster at the end. So choosing a legitimate mover is most important thing to perform. The federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) of the US department of transportation has initiated steps to make sure the information you have about the moving company is all genuine and will help you in choosing legitimate mover to save your time, money and experience fun out of moving.

Bridget Reno submitted this story:

I live in Orlando Florida. I recently had to pack up and move to another city in Florida. I searched for days struggling to find the best company to help my family and me with this move. The Professionalism of the company was very important to us seeing how we were moving everything that we owned. I also was looking for a company that provided insurance, temporary storage, boxes as well as a few other factors that were important to us in choosing a moving company. I talked to a bunch of moving companies in the area and most of them made me really nervous. The first one that even talked to me and was willing to patiently answer all the questions that I had was this place called JJ . Although I wasn’t all that familiar with the moving process, they made me feel comfortable enough to use their services. If you chose to use any kind of moving company, please take the time to research the company first before trusting them with all of your personal belongings. I’ve heard horror stories of what can happen to you and your belonging if you don’t take the time to research a moving company first. It’s good to protect yourself and it will be worth it in the long run.

Moving company California (again? What, is it search engines trick?) wrote:

Moving has become a nightmare for everyone especially in California, when they require to move at some point of time. It is stressful to move around to new area. However by following few simple steps can make the process less hectic and can even become fun out of moving. Always plan well before you move. Decide which items you want to take along with you and what you want to leave it there. Always organize the items which are to be packed together that makes easy to you when loading or unloading. Then you need to look around for various moving companies. Choosing a right moving company will obviously relive you from last minute stress. The more you research the more you will be able to avoid scam or bad moving company.

Tom wrote:

I am the general manager of Merit Moving Systems. Our company moves thousands of customers on an annual basis. I cannot find anyone within our organization that remembers a shipement from Palm Desert, CA to San Antonio, TX with the above set of circumstances that “Twinkle Toes” alleges. Our policy is to resolve all claim issues to the extent that if damage in mover related, it is repaired and/or replaced. If non transit/handling related, a claim would be denied. Again, we cannot seem to find anything more about this customer. If “Twinkle Toes” would be willing to provide a bill of lading number or contact our office, we would be glad to discuss this further.

SF mover wrote:

When you want to relocate your business for what ever reason it may be it is one of the hardest tasks one has to perform. No matter how experienced you are, there are the things that can go wrong under some uncertain conditions and it become stressful during moving? One can avoid this unpleasant conditions related to moving from San Francisco by planning well before. Plan should be realistic; it happen that people plan unrealistically. Planning in a way that can happen will be helpful to you. First by contacting a professional moving company can help you by getting the estimates for moving. Once you decide the moving companies then decide which thing to pack on. You need to decide which items you take with you and which items you leave behind. Taking a help of professional packer can help you packing your valuable items with care that can avoid damage.

Reagrds Long Distance movers, somebody wrote:

Your information on moving seems to be of great help when we are moving. One of the toughest tasks is moving to other area. Packing is the most important and hard to do. It must be done very careful because the items which are packed under can damage during traveling. They should be packed with care and also each item requires packing differently according to its nature like as you mentioned fish packing. It must be taken care off during traveling, one that could harm fishes. Packing with a quality packing material could save you from a head ache of damage during transportation. The fragile or valuable items should be packed and marked carefully.

Pedini Designer from Italy wrote:

I think you are right. The country is in recession means there is slowdown in the demand from consumers and rise in fuel cost will affect the manufacturing industry. When there is no demand for the goods produced, then there will be reduction in producing activity like inventory and distribution which influence moving industry. With the present slowdown in the economy there is need for better quality of service with reduction in prices in the present competitive world. Moving industry plays an important role in the growth of an economy. An efficient and productive freight mover can help in growth of manufacturing productivity. Moving companies by using renewable energy and reusable packing material can help moving industry to put back on track. Think about moving your Kitchen! Would you do it yourself these days?

Jeff wrote:

Hi, just thought i’d put in my 2 cents. it is often a better choice to go with a big van line not only because they can be held more accountable and have insurance but also because smaller movers are known to hold your belongings hostage and demand more money before releasing your stuff to you. i always go with north american and never have a problem

Nobel Van Lines wrote:

It is about time that the FMCSA will start inforcing regulations. We also hope that they will limit the options for companies out of state to pick up jobs out of there areas, that’s why it is important to hire the right moving company. Basically having your money’s worth is an important matter when moving. When moving you should always consider the expense and time you spent to it. Right moving company results to easy and hassle free moving out.

Madhumita Santra wrote:

Moving is really one of the most hectic job and setting up your internet is equivalent painful. Now we are so much dependant on the internet that once it stops working, the whole world comes to a standstill. There are few moving companies like the White Glove Transportation who can transform a hectic move into a joyful ride.

Vrbo wrote:

Moving companies always had a smelly reputation. It is hard to imagine that there is still so many of them around. I am happy to use a very good moving company with good reviews.

Barry wrote about, not

Disaster area. I overpaid and had a horrible experience. The movers got into a fight with my porter and sent him to the ER. They then THREW AWAY(not lost) my cats ashes, my bookcase, my kitchen chairs and all of my medications, vacuum cleaner and a whole lot more. When I called their customer service they made excuses for the crews behavior and tried to blame me. They offered no apology and only offered to allow me to file a claim with the insurance I bought. This means I have to pay a 500 dollar deductible and have to pray that everything won’t be disallowed. This is despite the fact that their crew threw my stuff in a dumpster. They took no responsibility. I am so angry I set up a website to describe my experience and give an update as I go through my claims process. Avoid this company at all cost.

Laura wrote:
My family and I were just moving around that time. we saw the advertisement and we decided to go for it after all it is an ad on the New York sun then its gotta be something good. On our first move a few years back we had the worst experience with one of the moving companies. They didn’t come on time didn’t do their work properly and damaged property. It was so bad we almost settled for doing it ourselves this time, and we wouldn’t of had kids we probably would. But after that experience we learned our lesson. We decided to check up and do our own research next time we gotta move and not rely on others. We were even ready to pay as much as the new company wanted even if it was an outrageous price because we knew that when it all comes down to it, if you get a cheap price you’ll probably get cheap work which isn’t worth much and in the end you’ll have to go through so much hassle that its just worth to pay maybe a one time large fee but wee know we got it over with and we can sleep peacefully knowing our house will be moved safely. I gotta say FlatRate had the best service and I admit they did prove me wrong about the prices. I thought in order to get a good job you gotta pay an unreasonably high price, well not by FlatRate, their prices were great and the service even better. I think that the fact Flatrate gets to be on the cover of the New York Sun is normal thing because Flatrate is a high end moving company so it makes sense. As for the news up top from a year ago I think its kinda funny that they out up the Israeli military offensive in gaza and Flatrate Moving on the same page, its good publicity u know if some palast. wanna move out they got Flatrate on call… hahaha Im not taking sides but just thinking out loud. I think you guys are an asset to the moving world and I think the ad on the NY Sun will take you to new heights. Great work guys!!
Twinkle Toes warning us:

I can’t tell you who you should use, but I can tell you from my experience who to steer clear of! We used Merit Moving Systems United Van Lines (editor note: Click here for the real Van lines Mover) for a move from Palm Desert, CA to San Antonio,TX. My furniture was in perfect, model home or showroom condition when it left California. When it arrived here in Texas my dining room hutch had a deep gouge in it. My arm chairs were all nicked up and parts of the fancy carved areas on the arms were gone. My living room table had the finial at the bottom broken off of it and I am missing one of my end tables. I am sure there are other things that are missing or have been destroyed or damaged in some way, but I haven’t gotten to everything yet.

I filed a claim for the things I did know about – namely my dining room set. It originally cost a little over $25,000 for the set and now it is ruined! They denied my claim, saying that it was already like that when they moved it here. I have photos to prove that it was not damaged before they got a hold of it! Anyway, it’s just too big of a hassle to deal with right now, so I am letting this go for now. But, I will tell anybody and everybody who will listen not to use this company.

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  • gie

    Hi, I was just browsing through your moving site and I found this post. I must admit, you made me laugh with this one! :)

    well, this doesn’t have anything to do with moving companies and moving services but with “search engines trick” you referred to. yes, they are, sweetheart, although experts say that name and email don’t matter as long as you indicated your URL properly, it will still link back to your site. maybe for other purposes if not for linking. thanks. great posts by the way. :)

  • http://IneptMovingcompany! Robbie Sherre

    Mr. Sherre,

    We are under rules and regulations and we HAVE to follow certain rules.

    You may not like it, writing is burdensome, and it may seem odd to you, but we do abide by the established rules in California. Everything needs to be in writing, so we follow it and sent you a letter. We have 30 days to respond by law, however, we did it much quicker.

    Claim is not something to be taken lightly. If you had something to say, we listen and respond.

    We respond to every one and do not ignore anyone; we are not a joke, as you put it. You probably expected me to hand you over my credit card over the phone, as soon as you called me and complained.

    Does not work that way, sir. You can accept the offer or not, it is your right.

    Yes, please, next time go with Beacon or Noteworthy movers, pay $128 per two men plus $40 for extra guy, plus 20% for workman’s comp insurance ( plus other fees ), go head and pay double and maybe you will be happy. Better yet, Starving Students, right up your alley. So as you say ”I won’t be so cheap next time”. You think if you pay more you get better service, go’ head and try. Maybe you get lucky and few burly ex-cons will show up, not nice guys that work for me, guys covered with tattoos, doped out of their minds, who may steal few things, so than you’d be more happy. You see, I hear horror stories from customers every day and we do provide good service and I am proud to say, my guys are nice, polite and do their job well, not under stressful situations where someone is constantly pushing them. They know their job. Bottom line, we must protect people’s furniture. You know, Robbie, you were grouchy from the beginning from the moment you called, you already displayed some sort of hostility and dislike. Are you a happy person? I don’t know what you expect. Movers do move people’s belongings. Guys work hard. This is not an office job. Maybe at times we need to stop and take a good look at ourselves for a change?

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