Separate Beds book

Separate Beds is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is a wonderfully written book about two people and how their lives change when their actions on a blind date result in an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy.

Catherine Anderson is a college student who comes from a poor family. Her father is an abusive alcoholic and her mother is a frail creature who doesn’t stand up for herself. Catherine’s life is a struggle and she isn’t shown any love by her family. Clay Forrester, however, is the guy who has it all–money, great looks, a fast car, a family who loves him and everything he wants at his fingertips. These two are set up on a blind date and when Catherine shows up at Clay’s house with her father Clay doesn’t even remember her. Clay’s pressured by his family to do the right thing and give the baby a name. Clay and Catherine agree to a marriage that will keep Clay’s name reputable and will give the baby a name. Catherine will get a college education and financial support for the baby. They agree to divorce after the baby is born. Their marriage though must look legitimate and not like the business deal that it is. However, they begin to have feelings for each other but their pride stands in the way. Will the marriage work or will they go their separate ways?

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  • LaVyrle Spencer

    This was the first of Lavryle i have read, and it was a wonderfully romantic, moving story. Catherine did make you want to smack her sometimes though! Clay sounded sooo handsome and intriqing. I hope there are more like this one! Bravo.

  • Sharone Ben-Harosh

    Things are so bad that stories like this one are repeated: This summer, Sharone Ben-Harosh, an owner of Flat Rate Movers in Manhattan, had a customer with an unusual tale, a woman who had divorced her husband about 10 years ago. Recently, she answered a newspaper advertisement for a roommate in a one-bedroom apartment with a den, and to her surprise, the man with the apartment who had placed the ad was her former husband.

    Apparently deciding life was too expensive alone, the former spouses hired Mr. Ben-Harosh’s moving company to move her back in with him, in his apartment on the Upper East Side.

    ”I swear this is true,” Mr. Ben-Harosh said. ”I love the story. I thought it was so romantic.” (Skeptical readers should be advised that Flat Rate supplied the woman’s name, but no phone number, and promised to try to get her to call a reporter. Someone claiming to be the woman did leave a message with the reporter but, sadly, left no number or details on how to rediscover love in a difficult real estate market.)

    Then there is the bustling business of installing walls to divide apartments into ever smaller, if cheaper, spaces. Many, if not most, are temporary, installed by tenants because landlords do not want permanent and often awkward partitions.

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