Storage Story

I’m 23 i moved from my parents house to a small apartment. I looked for a moving company that will suit my needs, and so I found a good company in all aspects except for one, storage. Without mentioning any names, the company did their job, not the best service but they were OK.

  moving3When time came to bring everything into the new apartment not everything fit and I needed to go and get storage from a different company. This meant that I had to pay more money to a different on top of what I already paid the first company. This situation caused me much aggravation and monetary loss. From my experience with moving companies, I suggest you check the companies reputation and the fields of moving which they deal with and make sure everything goes according to your plan, and things are ticking according to your watch. Make sure you get a moving company which is reliable, so you know your belongings are safe, and so everything would go