Why You Don’t Have to Move When You’re an Empty Nester

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you must move to Florida or even out of your current home.  Don’t feel pressured to vacate your comfortable house with the upgraded everything, fashioned the way you like to appease everyone else.  If you’re still satisfied and consider it a welcome haven, no one is pushing you out […]

Why Moving to Cities Appeals to Empty Nesters

When you think of moving after retirement, you probably consider that you’ll move to a freshly built retirement community or a relaxing resort area like the beach.  What usually doesn’t come to mind as a popular alternative for retirees is to move to a city.  Most people associate city living as one chosen as a […]

Downsizing Tips When Moving to a Smaller House or Apartment

When we say ‘downsizing’, we don’t mean the corporate kind that results in job losses and reduced wages. Far from being a bad thing, personal downsizing can be about simplifying your day, cutting down on clutter, and prioritizing the important things. The goal is less stress, more space, and a better quality of life for […]