moving advice

Why You Should Hire Professional Movers

You’d be surprised, but sometimes moving alone can actually cost you more. Here are the main reasons why you should hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you. Too often, we make the mistake of trying to save money by doing things ourselves. While there are instances where this can be a smart […]

How Much do Movers Cost?

From packing your possessions and deciding what to leave behind to the actual moving day, everyone who’s ever moved apartments knows just how stressful the whole process can be. That’s exactly why you need a reliable and professional moving company to get the job done. Before choosing your moving company, there are a few things […]

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe During a Move

Where you keep your precious valuables during a move is vital to their safety and security.  Although you may believe every person you come across as trustworthy, it only takes one theft to change your mind.  Why risk it when you could prevent it?  Learn below the security measures you can take to keep your […]

How to Break Your Apartment Lease

Life changes at lightning speed.  One decision that seems ideal at one time can easily shift to a mistake that you must rectify or a choice that no longer works with your lifestyle.  Change brings decisions you must make without the same considerations with which you originally started.  For example, you moved into an apartment […]

How to Handle a Newborn When Moving

Although most people would suggest you move before you give birth, Mother Nature and the real estate market may have other ideas.  When you’re ready to deliver your baby, practically nothing can stop childbirth from happening – even moving to a new home!  So what can you do to ease the transition for your newborn? […]

5 Tips for Moving with a Child Under 5

Moving is an emotional and often overwhelming experience for many of any age, but can be especially tumultuous for when moving with a child – particularly young children who are just starting to form lasting memories in their environment and bonds with the surroundings and individuals they interact with. The transition from a safe place […]

Moving Advice: Frugal Hacks for Your First Home

All of the great moving advice in the world cannot prepare you for how costly it really can be to live on your own. Whether you are a recent college graduate and finally getting your first apartment, or if you are getting a divorce and now responsible for handling all your bills for the first […]

16 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a huge project, and if you are actually moving during this time then you have two homes to go through the process with. You have probably been told plenty of great moving advice for packing, unpacking, etc., but if you are like many others you need help in the cleaning department. Not […]

Help! My Furniture Won’t Fit Through the Door

Nothing ruins a moving day faster than standing outside your new house in the rain while your furniture gets wet, because it will not fit through the door. What is even better is standing on a busy downtown sidewalk because it will not even get through the main door to get up to your loft. […]

Bad Moving Experience? File a Complaint!

If you had an awful moving experience, you may be just thinking that all you want to do is forget about it. Well, putting it behind you will not make it right. Plus, the steps you take could protect other people after you from having the same awful experience. Whether you had an irreplaceable heirloom […]