moving advice

Fruit Flies, Bedbugs and Termites, Oh My…

It is very common to move into a new place and encounter some unwanted guests. Of course, you may have also bought some used furniture to fit in your tight budget and did not realize you were bringing home a ton of friends too. Either way, they do not have to become permanent residents in […]

How to Pack Photographs

For many of us, photographs are amongst the most precious of all possessions. Storage & moving can be tough on them but taking a little extra time and effort and packing them carefully can make all the difference. Let’s start with photos in frames. The glass actually makes them more vulnerable, not less, and if […]

Moving? Use These Apps to Take Inventory

Keeping an inventory of all your stuff not only helps you be sure everything reaches its destination safely. It’s also important for insurance purposes. Long distance movers often require some kind of proof that an item existed before they’ll admit it got lost or stolen on their watch, and if you’re going to take out […]