moving an office

Should You Rent Office Space?

Owning a business is exciting. Being an entrepreneur frees you from the clutches of an employer and offers the chance to set your own schedule while doing work you truly love. If you’ve been working from a home office for a few years, you may now be considering the option of renting office space. While […]

Think About Garage Storage Space When Moving an Office or Home

If you are moving an office, home, or apartment, you want to make sure to think about the amount of garage storage space you have before the move as compared to what you will have after the move. Many people make the mistake of completely neglecting to calculate the difference in space between the two, […]

When Moving an Office, Make Sure You Ask the Locksmith…

You will probably be working with a locksmith when moving into a new office. Even if the previous tenant or landlord has reported changing the locks, you want to make sure you do it on your own (so long as you aren’t violating some sort of lease). It isn’t unheard of that a new space […]

Anticipating the Hidden Costs of Moving an Office

You want to make sure that you anticipate the nasty and hidden costs of moving an office. Unless this is your third or fourth time doing so, you might not be on the lookout for those little cracks your cash can slip through. Even if you have done it a dozen times before, the entire […]

8 Moving Myths You Should Know About

There are a lot of myths out there about moving, and those who are moving an office have probably heard all of them. We decided to take the time to put together the 8 most frequently cited moving myths in order to set them straight once and for all Myth 1: When moving an office […]

Places to Get Rid of Old Furniture

When moving an office or a home, people often need to get rid of old furniture. Sometimes it’s because a chair or a wardrobe has gotten a little old and battered, sometimes it’s because the bulkier pieces won’t fit into a new office or a new home. Sometimes it’s because the new rental apartment or […]

5 Biggest Moving Mistakes People Make

When it comes to moving an office or a home, one small oversight can quickly blow up into a huge problem. Here are the five biggest moving mistakes ordinary people are likely to make, and how to avoid them: 1. Underestimating the volume of goods to be movedFiguring out the exact total volume of the […]

Basic Guide to Home Office Ergonomics

When moving an office, you may find it a great opportunity to reevaluate your home office ergonomics situation. Most people aren’t aware that their office is not set up properly in any way. You can easily take the opportunity to make any necessary changes when moving an office, not only because you are moving into […]

Paper Jam! Pack Your Printer Properly

Few people think about the trouble they are in for when it comes time to move your printer. Whether you are moving an office, moving into storage, or setting up in a new house, proper printer moving is crucial. Thankfully, with the help of this article, you will avoid some of the most common troubles […]

Home Office Ergonomics

All businesses are legally required to ensure health and safety in the workplace. That’s as true for offices as it is for factories or building sites- while sitting at a desk may not seem like a very dangerous thing to do, working long hours at a poorly set up workstation can cause long term back […]