Moving And Storage

How to Move Into a High-Rise Building

Moving is a difficult subject on its own, but when it comes to moving into high-rise buildings, things can get a bit worse and tricky. Planning, organizing, packing, moving and storage are the main factors that shape the entire moving transition. No matter what high-rise building you are moving into (whether a condo or an […]

Comprehensive Packing Tips and Checklist for Moving

Download our moving checklist to get started on your move! We’ve compiled 20 years of packing and moving experience into one amazing list of packing tips for your next move. Packing tips are essential to a stress-free and fun experience when you move. Yes, fun. If you stay organized with a packing checklist, you can […]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

The birds are chirping, buds are starting to pop up on tree branches, the sun is out, and you’ve already enjoyed a warm breeze or two: Spring is here. Most renters welcome in the new season by undergoing a top-to-bottom spring cleaning event in their apartment, and after a long winter, we can’t say that […]

Tips on How to Pare Down Your Belongings

Do you ever just look around and feel a little annoyed, embarrassed or overwhelmed by how much stuff you really do have? Do you constantly say you need to get rid of some things, but then you never do? Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you are too emotionally attached to […]

Types of Mailboxes: Which is Best for You?

When most people start shopping for a mailbox, they are surprised to learn how many types and styles there actually are. After all, if everyone in the neighborhood you have lived in your entire life all have one similar style, you really can’t be expected to know there is such a diverse selection. Contrary to […]

How to Move Alcohol

From furniture to electronics, many items will be packed and moved when you transition from one living location to another. While you’ll likely handle many delicate and breakable belongings during this transition, some of the most delicate may be the alcohol bottles you’ve accumulated over the years. Whether you keep alcohol in antique dispensers or […]

The Night Before the Move: A Checklist

This might sound familiar: it is probably the night before you finally move and everyone is fast asleep, but for some unknown reason you are up all night and sweating bullets. You have this eerie feeling that you’re forgetting something, but you just can’t figure out what. You know you’ve done everything you needed to […]

Depressed After Relocation? Try This…

When it comes to moving, there are many unavoidable realities that we must all face. The toughest part is when we are dealing with the moving and storage aspect. That’s when depression usually starts setting in and if we don’t control our nerves well, things can get pretty more difficult. Presently, around a million people […]

Tips for Buying a Home Out-of-State

Moving out of state is difficult, and buying a home out of state can be even more stressful. How do you find a great home, and trust that it is a great home, when you live hundreds of miles away? The unknowing can be unnerving, but that doesn’t mean that buying a new home in […]

Tricks to Move Heavy Furniture

We all get to move heavy pieces of furniture at some point in life. It can be quite a nightmare if you have no idea of how to go about it or if you don’t go about it the right way. Oh, and there’s also the problem of steep staircases, tiny hallways and narrow doorways […]