moving animals

Animals Move Too (Helping Your Buddies Migrate)

One of the toughest things to orchestrate can be moving your animals. While it’s rather straightforward moving your dogs or cats, other animals can prove much more challenging. In order to make the move as stress-free as possible for your pets, follow these tips. General Tips: Talk to your vet. He or she will be […]

Packing Up Your Pets' Stuff

Moving with pets adds a few extra challenges. There’s transport for the animal or animals to arrange (you can’t just consign your dog or cat to the long distance movers and unpack them at their new home), extra things to box up, and it’s also very important to keep pets out from underfoot on moving […]

How to Plan Moving With Pets

A move can be trying enough without pets, but with them can be a real hassle. There are a few pitfalls to avoid and quite a few things to remember. Follow these guidelines to ensure both you and your pet arrive at your destination safely. First of all, if you are traveling a long distance […]