Storage vs. Decluttering

Deciding between using storage and decluttering before you move weighs heavily on you if you enjoy collecting or have comfortably resided in your home for a long time.  When moving your possessions from one home to the next, moving companies never mind hauling extra baggage.  Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide on using storage […]

11 Professionals to Hire Beyond Your Moving Company

When you start considering moving, you’re probably not thinking about who you need to help you beyond obvious professionals like a real estate agent and the moving company.  The closer it comes to your closing and moving days, you’ll realize that it takes more than your agent and the movers to smooth over and speed […]

May is National Moving Month

Did you know that May is National Moving Month? May through September is considered the busiest time to move to a new place which could be due to school ending and weather being ideal for moving conditions.  According to My Moving Reviews, August 1 was the most popular with June 1 and July 1 running […]

How to Prepare Your Child for a Move

Moving is a huge change that’s noted as one of the most stressful life events to endure.  For adults, we figure out how to handle stress, no matter how difficult, and realize we’ll eventually adjust to our circumstances.  However, for kids, moving seems as bad as the appearance of zombies, destroying their happy lives.  Of […]

Should You Get a Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home

Seasoned homeowners realize they will endure a home inspection on the property they’re selling.  No matter how many upgrades you’ve made and how well they were done, though, a home inspection may bring up hidden home horrors — horrors that may require costly repairs or sabotage the sale.  Biting your nails and panicking won’t help.  […]

Myths about the Cities Near Our East Coast FlatRate Branches

Every city you visit but aren’t fully acquainted with comes with its own myths.  Until you actually live and work in a place, you cannot verify every myth as gospel.  Remember how your parents told you not to believe everything you hear? Well, the same goes for what you hear about the following cities near […]

How to Break Your Apartment Lease

Life changes at lightning speed.  One decision that seems ideal at one time can easily shift to a mistake that you must rectify or a choice that no longer works with your lifestyle.  Change brings decisions you must make without the same considerations with which you originally started.  For example, you moved into an apartment […]

How to Find a Great Roommate

Finding a Great Roommate Finding your first apartment can be exciting and liberating, the crowning achievement post-graduation.  Unfortunately, a fabulous place comes at a fabulous price.  These days with mounting college debt and so-so starting salaries, many college graduates and career beginners cannot afford to live solo.  Maybe you could return to your childhood home […]

Moving? Get a Break from Uncle Sam

If the thought of hiring a national moving company has you on edge because of all your other move-related expenses it may make you feel better to learn that Uncle Sam might be willing to help you a little. Despite the fact that you probably swear under your breath at him when you get your […]

Moving Survival Tips Series: Tax Deductions

Are you moving this summer,  next month,  or next week?  Don’t panic,  we at FlatRate Moving® are here to help! With Tax Day coming up on Monday April 15th (did you file already?) did you know you might be able to deduct some of your moving expenses from your federal tax return? The first question is did […]