Myths about the Cities Near Our East Coast FlatRate Branches

Every city you visit but aren’t fully acquainted with comes with its own myths.  Until you actually live and work in a place, you cannot verify every myth as gospel.  Remember how your parents told you not to believe everything you hear? Well, the same goes for what you hear about the following cities near […]

How to Break Your Apartment Lease

Life changes at lightning speed.  One decision that seems ideal at one time can easily shift to a mistake that you must rectify or a choice that no longer works with your lifestyle.  Change brings decisions you must make without the same considerations with which you originally started.  For example, you moved into an apartment […]

How to Find a Great Roommate

Finding a Great Roommate Finding your first apartment can be exciting and liberating, the crowning achievement post-graduation.  Unfortunately, a fabulous place comes at a fabulous price.  These days with mounting college debt and so-so starting salaries, many college graduates and career beginners cannot afford to live solo.  Maybe you could return to your childhood home […]

Moving? Get a Break from Uncle Sam

If the thought of hiring a national moving company has you on edge because of all your other move-related expenses it may make you feel better to learn that Uncle Sam might be willing to help you a little. Despite the fact that you probably swear under your breath at him when you get your […]

Moving Survival Tips Series: Tax Deductions

Are you moving this summer,  next month,  or next week?  Don’t panic,  we at FlatRate Moving® are here to help! With Tax Day coming up on Monday April 15th (did you file already?) did you know you might be able to deduct some of your moving expenses from your federal tax return? The first question is did […]

Painting Walls: Are You Doing it Wrong?

There are two reasons why you may be painting your walls: you are trying to get your full deposit back at your current rental or you are putting a personal touch on your new place. Either way, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Moving advice is pretty easy […]

How to Protect Your Flooring During a Move

If there is one day out of the month that it is going to rain and create a muddy mess it will be your moving day. Alternately, if it is the middle of winter and your move happens to be scheduled on that one fluke mild day you have been looking forward to then you […]

A Guide to Moving Antiques

Unlike items you buy at a local furniture store, antiques cannot simply be replaced, if damage is done during a move. Whether you have an entire collection of these finely dated pieces throughout your home, or if you have one single piece handed down through generations it will require a little extra care during the […]

Guide to Relocating as a Single Parent

Whether you are getting a divorce, breaking up with your significant other, or have been recently widowed, the first move is always going to be hard on you and your children. You are already filled with so much emotion that adding in the stress of a move can put you over the edge. Not to […]

Moving a Pool Table? Thing You Should Know

No one should have to tell you how heavy a pool table is. This is the main reason most people hire professionals to move them. However, there are other reasons why it is not a good idea to move them yourself. Whether you insist on saving money and recruiting friends to move your table or […]