What to Expect When Moving to a Ski Resort Town

Not everyone loves winter weather but some choose to reside in places where plentiful snow arrives early.  If you tend toward ski bum when the first snowfall comes, you may consider moving to a ski resort town.  Living in a resort town is unlike your typical suburban spread or city dwelling – there’s a different […]

How to Move to the Right Neighborhood

Finding the ideal neighborhood is as thrilling and overwhelming as searching for the perfect mate.  Hoping for a permanent home base, you must identify what’s important to you, if it’s feasible and what’s available.  Listening to friends and family helps but could lead you astray because not everyone needs or wants the same things.  Discover […]

What to Expect When Moving to a Small Town

Jumping off the hamster wheel to move to a small town means a whole new lease on life. You may think the slower pace and plentiful space indicates that life will be easier and less stressful.  Wherever you move, though, you must acclimate to different lifestyles and discover how you fit in your community.  Although […]

What to Expect When Moving to a Beach Resort Town

Having beach-hopped all summer from friends’ rentals to family homesteads and every shoreline in between, you relish the sand and surf like oxygen.  An idea as bright as the summer sun burns in your brain.  Could you move to and live in a beach resort town year-round? Of course you could, but before you start […]

Games People Play While Long Distance Moving

When you decided to drive and create a cross-country road trip around your long distance move, you didn’t realize you may get bored.  Listening to the radio, watching the same DVDs on an endless loop and observing your family ignoring each other by focusing on their phones and other electronic devices gets old and doesn’t […]

How to Move Your Elderly Parent

Maybe you saw it coming or it hit you like a ton of bricks – your parent is growing old and role reversal is beginning.  The time has come when your parent needs to move out of their “forever” home and start their next life chapter by either moving in with you or into a […]

How to Move During Major Holidays

When you decide to move, you never know when your actual moving day will be.  If you’re selling a home, it could be snatched up by a buyer within a month or take over a year to find the right person.  Unexpectedly, you could end up moving around a major holiday or celebratory event like […]

When Long-Distance Moving Interferes with Family Life

Sometimes, circumstances dictate when the whole family can move together.  Maybe your spouse transferred jobs, but you haven’t yet sold the house or you want the kids to finish the school year before the moving company moves everything to your new home.  Maybe you are embarking on a long-distance romance until you decide where you […]

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Tip Your Movers

Tipping remains a very personal choice dictated by many factors including service given, monetary concerns and particular preferences guided by your upbringing and experience.  Since moving is not as common as getting a haircut, you may not even realize that tipping your movers is a thing.  Depending on how the move goes determines if tipping […]

Moving Tips – How to Get Rid of Hard to Throw Away Items

When you get into the groove of decluttering, the sorting routine becomes monotonous and robotic.  Trash, treasure, donate – repeat.  Suddenly, though, you’re stopped in your tracks by something you just don’t know how to classify.  You don’t want to keep it, no one would want it, the moving company cannot haul it on the […]