new neighborhood

Help Your Kids Settle in with Play Dates (and Get to Know Your Neighbors, Too!)

Moving with children can be tough. You’re asking them to leave behind everything they’re familiar with and hoping they’ll adapt well to their new environment. It can be even tougher, though, if they’re leaving behind some close friends. It’s also tough on you, too, since everyone you’ve come to know and trust is still “back […]

If You're Moving, You Need to Know These People

When we move, we often fail to realize just how entrenched we’ve become in our old city. After spending years living in the same area, you’ve come to know and rely on certain professionals, but you probably didn’t even think about how important they are to your life when you planned your move. Who are […]

Places to Meet People After a Move

One of the hardest things about moving to a new area is being alone. Even if you are someone who enjoys their alone time after work, it is still nice to have at least one friend you call when there is a spider on your wall, and you need a pep talk to get close […]

Websites to Find Discounts (New Places Means New Stuff!)

When you find yourself hiring a moving and storage company, you have a great opportunity to toss some of the old things away that you never use. But you also have one of the best times to purchase those new things that you have wanted for a long time. You will essentially start with a […]

New Neighbor? Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Do you know someone that has just moved? If you would like to welcome a new neighbor or make a friend/family member feel more at home, why not pick out the perfect housewarming gift? Moving is exciting, especially when you hire an experienced NYC mover.  Your gift can help make a home or new neighborhood […]