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Why You Should Choose a Local Moving Company

When moving and storage is on your list, it can be tempting to call a mover that you hear advertised a lot. There are many chains that spend a great deal on advertising, and although their rates may be appealing, there is a few reasons why choosing a locally owned moving company is a better […]

Helping the Elderly Move

Moving and storage options for the elderly are some of the most difficult. Often times, you are moving your parent or loved one from a space that they have been in for decades. They are then moved into a space which is not their own and is less personal. Combine these factors with the lack […]

Before You Move: Informative Real Estate Websites

The Internet is the most accessible global forum that there has ever been. Anyone can put up a website and say whatever they like, and millions of people do. Some of sites are great and some aren’t. In order to be profitable, a lot of websites think that they have to generate a lot of […]

The Best Time of Year to Move

The ideal time to move depends where you are. Let’s say that your current home is in New York. Choose the wrong month and you might have to deal with heavy snow or sweltering heat. Either one will seriously inconvenience the movers and make your task much more stressful. Avoid winter if at all possible. […]

4 Steps to Planning a New Home Color Scheme

Planning a color scheme for your new home is more than just a trip to the paint store.  Now that you’ve successfully moved your home or office, there are several other steps to be taken before you even consider the color of your walls.  Spending a little time up-front will lead to a beautiful and […]

Relocating for a Long-Distance Relationship

For those couples thinking about relocating instead of maintaining a long distance relationship it is worth asking one or two questions before making the leap and moving in together. After all, if a couple gets it wrong they could very quickly find themselves having to relocate twice in a short space of time! Far better […]

Moving During Winter? Cold Moving Tips

Moving can be a pain any time of year, but we have to take extra special care when moving in cold weather. In ideal situations, we can all move on warm, sunny days, but sometimes this is not possible.  Mother Nature throws us a few surprises sometimes but if you follow these suggestions, your move […]

Moving? The Right Way to Lift Boxes

You should always leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, pun intended.  But if you are inclined to move items from room to room in an attempt to get organized for moving day, please make sure you lift properly.  Failing to do so can cause serious – even permanent – damage.  Consult your physician before […]

8 Ways to Identify a Legitimate Moving Business

Anyone who has ever been to New York City has likely heard of Ray’s Pizza®. Often imitated, the Ray’s Pizza® that you may have visited might not have been the “original” Ray’s; however, when looking for a piece of pizza sometimes any of the many Ray’s pizza shops will do. Many businesses make succeed by […]

Get Cushioned! Use Household Items to Protect Your Goods When Moving

So, you are on the move again and have all of your stuff organized in piles ready to go. You’ve hired a FlatRate mover and have your moving boxes, (either cheap and cheerful crates from your local grocery store, fancy plastic boxes from a supply store, or the sturdy cardboard variety ) and you’re about […]