The Most Dangerous Items to Move Yourself

While you may think you can handle all aspects of moving and storage yourself, it is never recommended. Even if you work out every day and consider yourself to be stronger than the average person, you could quickly and easily do severe damage to your body. Not only can you injure your back, you could drop something on your foot or smash you fingers. There are just certain things that are too dangerous to move yourself.

Leave These Items to a Professional

  • Pool Table – No, you and your buddy cannot just have a few beers and gather up the strength to move the pool table. Considering these tables are often in a basement, it makes the move even more dangerous. Keep in mind that slate can be damaged and the pool table can become unleveled.
  • Fish Tank – A move is very stressful on fish. They need a holding tank prepared, and even then, there is a good chance that you may lose one. While you might think you can handle moving the tank once it is empty, it is not recommended. Tanks are fragile, especially the panel edges. Although it may not look like any damage was done during the move, it could be days after you fill it again that the weakened panel gives way.
  • Piano – Not even your average mover will or should handle moving a piano. Upright pianos are a little easier to deal with, but can still be forced out of tune with a move, but a grand piano is far too large and heavy to move without the proper equipment.
  • Exercise Equipment –Not only is exercise equipment heavy, it is often awkward. There are legs or extended pieces that always catch a wall, woodwork or someone’s face. There are some pieces you may be able to move yourself, if you take the time to dissemble them.
  • Appliances –There is a reason why movers use a four-wheel dolly to move items, such as a washer, dryer, fridge, stove, freezer or dishwasher. Not only are they ridiculously heavy to move, tilting or shaking them too much can damage the machine’s internal workings.
  • Jungle Gym – Swing sets years ago used to be pretty basic. They were not all that costly so you didn’t have to feel bad about leaving one behind. Today, these things are bulky, heavy and often cost as much as a car. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional that will dissemble the entire thing and put it back together when you get there.

Protect Yourself

You can always move the majority of your items yourself and call upon a professional for the heavy stuff. If you do this, you should wear a back brace. Lifting any amount of weight can put a lot of strain on your back.

It is understandable that you may be trying to cut expenses. Moving and storage can be costly, but paying professionals to handle the heavy items is a lot less expensive than back surgery and time off work due to injury.

2 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Items to Move Yourself

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