The Moving Diet? How to Burn Extra Calories While Packing

Want to lose a few pounds? Well, if you’re moving in the near future, this may be your chance to burn a few extra calories. Every detail from the amount of belongings you own to how far you’ll be moving can impact just how many additional calories the process will burn. However, the following are a few ways to ensure you get the most calories out of moving from one location to another.

Move Quickly

Packing and loading your belonging quickly doesn’t just speed up the moving process, it burns extra calories. The faster you move while packing items and loading them into vehicles, the higher your heart rate will go, which promotes the burning of calories.

Of course, while moving quickly can be beneficial, you must do so within reason. Monitor your heart rate to avoid overexertion and to ensure you remain within your target heart rate range.

Move the Heavy Stuff

From using moving and storage services to recruiting friends to help you pack, there are many options when it comes to simplifying the moving process. While, during past moving experiences you may have avoided the lifting of heavy items, now is the time to use those muscles and burn extra calories.

Moving heavy belongings rather than leaving the heavy lifting to others targets more muscles and burns additional calories in the process. From couches to televisions, reframe your mindset to positive thinking regarding your ability to lift the heavy stuff.

Use Proper Lifting Methods

While lifting heavy items can burn extra calories, it can also lead to injuries. To avoid pulling a muscle or causing a back injury, always use proper lifting methods when lifting big or small items. Properly lift an item by squatting and lifting through your legs rather than putting all of the lifting strain on your back.

If you feel that a box or furniture piece is putting too much strain on your body, move on to another item to avoid a possible injury. Although pushing your lifting efforts is important, it’s also wise to stop when you know an item may be too heavy. In those situations, utilize the help of others before items move onto moving and storage services.

Monitor Food Intake

Being a rock star at burning extra calories while packing and unpacking will be in vain if you fail to monitor your food intake. While trying to prepare a healthy meal in the new property during the unpacking phase can be stressful, it will also be worthwhile. Avoid takeout meals and stock the fridge with healthy alternatives to maximize your moving weight loss efforts.

Moving from one living location to another isn’t a process that many enjoy. However, by looking at moving as an opportunity to burn extra calories, you’ll make more out of it and may just enjoy it a little more. From moving items quickly to avoiding the traditional move-in day takeout, you may just shed a few pounds as you settle into the new residence.

  • Martin Worthy

    I never thought about counting moving as a workout! Maybe another strategy should be volunteering to help others move. I’d be buff in no time!

  • Sam

    The moving diet is brilliant! Wow! What an idea! I need to start helping people move more lol!