The Night Before the Move: A Checklist

shutterstock_118796146 The Night Before the Move: A Checklist
This might sound familiar: it is probably the night before you finally move and everyone is fast asleep, but for some unknown reason you are up all night and sweating bullets. You have this eerie feeling that you’re forgetting something, but you just can’t figure out what. You know you’ve done everything you needed to do for the entire moving and storage process, you know you’ve also kept the last minute items to just pick and go when the time comes, but there’s still something worrying you. Want to know why you feel that way? You probably forgot to do one of the most important things of the three top golden tips of moving – creating a “night before the move” checklist.

Creating a moving list is easy, but the best part about having one is the guarantee of having a peaceful nights sleep without that eerie feeling. At least, it will save you the stress of racking your brain to remember what you feel you’ve forgotten.

Your Checklist
There’s a huge difference between the checklist you’ll create during the months and weeks leading to the move. And of course, the checklist for the night before the move will look the most different. You must be wondering why you need to have so many checklists. The truth is, it is really your choice to have as many checklists as you want. Sometimes, people just prefer working with one or two lists and successfully accomplish all what they’d planned for. But in some cases, people need to have more lists right from a few months before the move. No matter how many lists you decide to have, be sure to have a checklist for the night before the move, in order to ensure smooth sailing on the moving day. Here is a list of a few things you should be concerned about on the night before the movers arrive to help you move your belongings to your new home:

– Make sure you’ve contacted your moving and storage company to check if everything is in place for the next day.

– Confirm that you’ve contacted your local utility services and scheduled for the phone, gas, water and electricity to be shut off once you’ve moved out.

– You must’ve submitted a change in address form to the USPS online by now. If you haven’t crossed it off your list, give it more priority.

– If you are moving your refrigerator on the moving day, make sure that you’ve defrosted its freezer at least 24 hours in advance.

– Double check the arrival time of the movers with the rental or moving and storage company you’ve hired.

– Check to see if you’ve completed your packing. Separate the boxes containing the fragile items. Keep everything where you can easily point them out to the movers on the moving day. If the moving and storage company is going to do the packing for you, make sure you’ve grouped everything separately the way you’ll want it packed.

Have the money ready for the moving and storage services whether you’re paying through credit card, money order or check. Do the same if you’re going by the DIY route or renting a truck on your own.

Confirm all lodging and travel reservations.

  • Great tips. I think you’ve hit on some of the most ‘high anxiety’ concerns that can crop up. One of the biggest I have seen is properly contacting utilities and mail. It’s common to worry whether or not those facilities will properly process your information, or if you’ll end up paying for extra months or losing important mail.

  • A “night before the move” checklist is a great idea. It should not come as a surprise why people would spend a sleepless night right before moving, the excitement of starting on a new life the next day couples with fretting over last minute things that you may have forgotten/overlooked.

  • One of the most common circumstances I see in my business is mail being lost during a move. You need to properly notify the post office much before you actually move. They need to updates their records, and still, it won’t be a guarantee that you will not lose some mail. Good advice here. – Nicholas J.

  • This post reminds me of the adage I’ve heard a few success gurus repeat (not sure who to attribute it to):

    “Proper Prior (redundant?) Planning, Prevents Poor Performance”

    This “3 P formula,” as the author of this article seems to agree, is the only real secret to a smooth move. If you’ve got your proverbial ducks in order you’ll be free of the “eerie feeling” that it mentions. And the more confident and certain you are about your prior planning, the more you can just enjoy the moving process and let everything fall into place.

    I think it’s also really key to make sure that you trust your moving company to show up and show up on time, or find one that you do, especially if you have to be at your new home at a certain time, which is often the case for those who rent.

  • This is a great idea! There’s a list to have months in advance but then the night before this really does help have more a peace of mind the night before. Thank you for sharing!