Tips for Dissembling Furniture

Quite often, the thing that people dread the most about moving is dissembling furniture. The thought of moving and storage is not so bad, and most are excited to get into their new place and get things set the way they want them. However, no one really relishes the thought of taking large furniture pieces apart. Sure, you can leave it to the movers to do, but you are paying by the hour so this is far from practical. Rest-assured, as monumental as the task may seem, there are tips you can use to make it a little easier, and stay much more organized.

Gather Everything You Need

Rather than grabbing a screwdriver and starting to remove screws, make sure that you have everything you need first. This will prevent things from getting lost. You should have boxes, zip lock bags, masking tape or labels and colored markers. While you do not necessarily need colored markers, they will make your life a little easier.

Storing Pieces

It can be tempting to simply toss all the screws and small pieces from several pieces of furniture in one bag or box, and think that you will remember what hardware goes with which piece of furniture, but you won’t. If you are dissembling 10 pieces of furniture, you should have 10 plastic bags, and they need to be clearly labeled with what they belong to. All of these bags can then go in one box, but be sure you label the box! Otherwise, you will be tearing through piles to find some simply hardware, so you can put the furniture together.


There is one constant problem that people have when it comes to dissembling furniture for moving and storage; they never remember how things go back together. Do yourself a favor and do not try to strain your brain! All you have to do is draw a diagram or write directions of how you are dissembling, so you can simply follow them starting from the final step.


Unless you are a master at electronics, putting a television, DVD player, gaming consoles and everything else back together is enough to give anyone a headache. There are a lot of things to consider when dissembling and packing electronics, but if you can take the time to put a piece of masking tape on each component and color them different colors with a marker, you won’t have to guess what cord plugs into which area.

Tips for Tables

Before you take apart your table, you need to know whether it has an apron or not. Some have metal corner braces that are secured to the inside of the apron and the underside of the table, others are glued.

Multiple dowels are typically used to join the legs, and you will want to look for the large lag screw that should be just under the table top, on the inside of the leg. Use a wrench to remove this screw.

Moving and storage are topics that typically require furniture pieces to be dissembled, but this does not have to be a chore. The more organized you are taking the pieces apart; the easier it will be to put the back together.

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  1. One thing that we like to do when disassembling furniture, is we put the screws back where we got them from. This helps them not to get lost, but it also helps with having to remember which screw goes where.

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