Tips to Move Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the lifeblood of many homes. From cooking appliances to dinnerware, you likely use many items in this space each day. While the kitchen is an essential space for feeding your family, it can also be a hassle to pack up and move when you’re changing living locations. If you’re currently trying to decide the best way to move your kitchen, here are some options to consider.

Moving Breakables

From dishes to glasses, most kitchens are ripe with breakables. The biggest fear that surrounds most kitchen moves is that expensive belongings will be broken. However, with a few precautions, your kitchen breakables will survive the transition and your worries will be eased.

The best method for moving breakable kitchen items is to wrap each item individually in newspaper or bubble wrap. The wrapping process creates a barrier between each breakable item, reducing the chance for harsh impacts that typically lead to breakage. With your moving and storage process for breakables, also take care to not overload packing boxes. This reduces the chances that boxes will break while being shipped.

Downsize Appliances and Gadgets

Moving from one living location to another offers the ideal opportunity to downsize your belongings. Before packing your kitchen, sort through all appliances and gadgets. While sorting the items, create a pile for items you use regularly and a pile for items you use rarely. The pile of items you use rarely includes appliances and gadgets to consider donating to charity rather than hauling to your new living location.

Sort out Food Items

Food products likely comprise the biggest portion of your kitchen items. From old baking products to outdated freezer meals, sort out all food items that can be discarded. Properly discard of perishable items and donate any non-perishable items you don’t want to take with you to the new living location.

If your new living location is a significant distance from your current property, all frozen items may need to be thrown out or given to neighbors since those items likely won’t survive the journey. Be logical when sorting out food items and avoid becoming attached to products that should be left behind rather than packed and moved.

Stay Organized

Appliances, cooking ware and food are all items that will be moved from your kitchen. Since kitchens typically host such a variety of items, you must create an organized system for packing, moving and unpacking everything. From labeling boxes to packing items that are similar into individual boxes, the more organized you remain when moving your kitchen, the easier this transition will be. The organized system will then be very beneficial for a quick unpacking process while you’re moving in to the new location.

Your kitchen items can be some of the trickiest belongings to pack up and move when you’re changing living locations. However, by completing the process in a logical manner and by using moving and storage services, the transition will be made with ease.

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